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If you believe an item is outdated, you can help out! Last updated 10/29/20 The Charm Token can also be found on this page. Every pet has its own value depending on demand, release year, customization, color, and level. Last Updated 5/20/20 The Phantoms! MAJOR NOTE: The event started in 2010 and has returned annually, a new prize replacing the last one each year. Penguin's Igloo, which was originally released in January 2017 at Claws ‘N Paws and the Sapphire Shop for 15 Sapphires and also through the Pet Rockhopper Bundle at Sapphire Shop for 250 Sapphires. The default pet became available through a giveaway code called "penguins" in October 2018, making non-default variants rarer. Note: Depending on the color and customization of the custom Pet Rockhopper Penguin, it will go for more or less. The Pony's Pile Of Hay, which was originally released in the Horse Treasure Hunt in March 2016 and was later removed in May 2016. Add new page. Hey, my old thread was formatted pretty badly, and kinda clogged up, and not 100% updated so I decided to just clean everything up with a new thread. These are the values for in-store leveled pets. Last Updated 8/18/20 The Vintage Clothing Collectionis a collection of clothing items that were released during May 2016 and were removed in October 2016. https://ajpw-pet-worth-wiki.fandom.com/wiki/Pet_Highland_Pony?oldid=517584, 4,000 - 4,250 Sapphires; May Go For More Or Less, 4,250 - 4,500 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer, 4,500 - 5,000 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer, 5,000 - 5,250 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer, 5,250 - 5,500 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer, 5,500 - 6,000 Sapphires; Depends on Jammer. https://ajpw-pet-worth-wiki.fandom.com/wiki/Pet_Rockhopper_Penguin?oldid=517817, 1,300 - 1,500 Sapphires; Depends On Jammer. Most visited articles. This category lists all of the pages on this wiki that are about a clothing item. These pets are commonly referred to as "Pet Lizard", "Lizard" and/or "Lizzie" as abbreviations. The value and demand varies due to the pet's appearance. The AJPW Birthday Items are den and clothing items that are released during August yearly. Arabian Horse Treasure … Last edited: 10/23/20 If you have a membership, you can level up your pets by using the Pet Station, which raises the worth of the pet. Notice: This item has a Salesman Variant. This toy features a trough connected to a fountain shaped like the Pet Highland Pony, which sprinkles water into it. The given values don't apply for uncommon pets. It was released in August 2015, and formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing before it was removed the same month. If they are level 3 and above they can be sent on Pet Expeditions, which makes high-leveled pets more wanted. The Atlantis Set and Fly Trap items are leaving soon. Ajpw pet worth Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Pet Armadillo Lizard was released during November 2019, and is still obtainable by placing a green Exotic DNA Vial from the “Pet Expeditions” in the DNA Incubator. Last edited: 10/27/20 The Pet Arctic Fox was released during February 2018 at Claws ‘N Paws and the Sapphire Shop. It has a large slanting top with a small stick on top. The 5th Birthday Cake is a reward for logging in for 15 days in August 2020 and from the code. Join 7 other Pack members and run through the maze collecting pumpkins! I can trade in bulk and I am keeping armor sets together . PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHILE TRADING! Prizeswereobtained exclusively from playing the Phantoms! pages that are currently lacking information, All about me, Bepper and Wisteriamoon (not the real ones of course XD), https://ajplaywild.fandom.com/wiki/Play_Wild_Wiki?oldid=344380. It has a head larger than the size of its body, a faint smile, and … Notice: Depending on the color and customization, the Pet Highland Pony may go for more or less than the worth listed.

Note: Level 5 pets, even if they're currently in-store, can sell for more than the listed price due to the fact that they can be sent on Pet Expeditions and have a chance of bringing back an Exotic Pet DNA Vial. Pack Runs have arrived!

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