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Another person wrote, "That Epstein Black book got all your favorite Celebrities on it proving they're all pedophiles behind closed doors. Guangzhou Authorities Prohibit Partygoers From Wearing Scary Makeup in Subway, Is Coronavirus Pandemic a Depopulation Plan of UN? The singer from Audioslave did it on the 18th and only two days later the vocalist of Linkin Park. You can start by searching inside his personal address book the infamous 'little black book'; see any familiar names? Even though Epstein died of suicide in jail after his 2019 arrest, Anonymous is determined to expose the full scope of his crimes. Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking in 2019. Around the time of her death, Diana was visiting hospitals and care homes Jimmy Savile was preying on at all hours of the night, consoled Elm Guest House victims, and recorded palace rape victim testimony. In another deposition, a former house manager estimated over 100 “females” visited Epstein’s house to give massages in a ten-year period.

"Maybe the british media should stop judging Meghan on every little thing she does and investigate deeply into why the Duke (Prince Andrew) and Duchess of York (Sarah Ferguson) are named in Jeffrey #Epstein 's Little Black Book," one person tweeted. Giving reference to “Pizzagate” the term with which the famous sect of pedophilia in Hollywood is known, which is said to control the film and music industry and that if you want to succeed you have to somehow belong to it. Like almost everything in this life, things have a double meaning and intentions and this time it is up to ‘Yummy’, Justin Bieber’s new song, to be performed in an unexpected way. They were infamous for unearthing secret documents and shutting down websites with denial of service tactics in the past but they have been silent for the better part of three years. The truth is that after several years of inactivity, Anonymous returns to the fray. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Considering the pattern of Twitter activity of Anonymous in recent times, it can be seen that apart from corruption-related issues, the group is against violence by police officers towards citizens. “If you are innocent, have little knowledge of the world, and want to succeed, people with parasitic interests will see you as prey,” Wood explained in an interview with The Sunday Times. While awaiting trial, Epstein died while in prison; his death was ruled a suicide by a New York medical examiner. He got his start as an adviser to Victoria's Secret founder Les Wexner and used his connection to the retail titan to expand his circle. We can all stop them," Anonymous tweeted. “I can’t talk about it on the phone. To be clear, in Governor Richardson’s limited interactions with Mr. Epstein, he never saw him in the presence of young or underage girls. This led to anti-Trump members of Anonymous warning QAnon against stealing the group's branding. The agreement granted Epstein and his anonymous coconspirators immunity and sealed all documents. Mainly about the power that the hidden network of Hollywood can have and the many people who are involved but who are not really allowed to talk about it and who now understands how they persecuted him as a boy without even realizing it.

After a hiatus, Anonymous has been posting tweets and retweets over the death of George Floyd. Receipt:

He also had contact information for Kevin Spacey, who flew on Epstein's jet to an AIDS awareness event in 2002, alongside Chris Tucker and former President Bill Clinton. The said document was also leaked, but the name of the victim was not revealed. They have been arrested under cyber attack laws in the US, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, India, and Turkey.

You had Jeffrey Epstein killed to cover up your history of child trafficking and rape.

In 2016, actor Elijah Wood revealed that there is a whole network of child molesters in the film industry. It would be tempting to say that simply being associated with Jeffrey Epstein means you are an accomplice to his heinous crimes. The on the 91-page list was released under the name of the “Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book”. In the wake of ongoing protests, hacktivists group Anonymous released the 91-page document, which allegedly contains the names of high-profile individuals that were connected to Epstein. Governor Richardson has never even been contacted by any party regarding this lawsuit. Soon after a video was released, Anonymous' Official YouTube channel stated "we are for everyone letting their voices be heard, even, if the person at hand ... is a monster." They can shoot me, stab me, frame me and say it was a drug overdose.”. You can find the link to those publications below. The composer made a song and music video in which he talks about people seeking revenge from a network of people who mistreated and abused them as children and who really caused trauma. The said documents are available here.

Not only was she linked to Epstein's inner circle but also to child trafficker Jean Luc and child rapist John Casablancas (another of Trump's partners and Ivanka's modeling agent.). I only learned of his actions when they were reported in the media related to his prosecution in Florida. Anonymous Video Reveals George Floyd Death & Minneapolis Police Truth: Hacktivist Took Down Site. But on 10 August 2019, he was found hanging to the ceiling of his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Their first activity on Twitter was to accuse many top celebrities of wrongdoing and exposing their alleged links to culprits. With the ongoing riots, marches, and the public continuing to demand justice, the hacktivist group known as Anonymous released a document on social media claiming to be Jeffrey Epstein's "little black book.". The American businessman was arrested in July 2019 on charges of sex trafficking. It is already known that it was a lawyer, not the singer. — Anonymous (@YourAnonCentral) May 31, 2020. Some of these were listed in a contact book found in his New York house when raided by the police.

Tell me”. Epstein knew journalist and former First Lady of California Maria Shriver, though her ex-husband Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't merit a mention.

New York Magazine wrote at the time that the names in Epstein's book shows a man who was “deeply enmeshed in the highest social circles.” Other reports suggest that some of the individuals found in his phone book did not know the financer or had even met him. Interested in writing the latest updates happening around the world. Some of the names on the alleged contact list are: Naomi Campbell, Prince Andrew, Chris Tucker, Alec Baldwin, and many more., We need your help amplifying this and finding more information on #Epstein's net of conspirators. (Updated, 8/10/2019, 10:49 a.m. EST: Jeffrey Epstein, Accused Child Sex Trafficker, Dies By Suicide In Jail). The list includes Naomi Campbell, President Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Alec Baldwin, Bernie Eccleston, Ivanka Trump, and others. User MyNameIsHobby added, "Bare in mind that just because someone is on the list, doesn’t mean they necessarily participated in the sexual assault and/or rape of minors [sic]. It made a sudden appearance on May 31 with a video of a protest against George Floyd's death. If it turns out to be true, it could mean the end of Trump’s office and even worse.

Amazon purchases: A 2005 receipt allegedly shows that Epstein purchased the following titles: SM 101: A Realistic Introduction, SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude and Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners. The Dubins have flight records and other evidence that definitively disprove that any such events occurred,” a spokesperson for the Dubins said in a statement. Scrolling through the list, it's easy to see that Epstein liked to associate himself with very famous performers. Feldman is planning to make a movie in which he reveals all these situations and people in Hollywood. The contacts belong to Samuel Gen, vaguely linked to Jackson by 3 degrees of separations through a temporary advisor. He pleaded not guilty and was denied bail. Before his death, Cornell had left an emotional letter to Bennington in which he said, “He prayed for you to find peace (…) Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.”. It is considered that the melody could hide certain accusations from very powerful people of Hollywood. Who's In Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book? Before coming to Forbes, she obtained a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. The largest hacker group in the world known as Anonymous , reappeared this Saturday with a video protesting the murder of George Floyd. This weekend, Anonymous roared back to the forefront with a classic hack of a Minneapolis government site and a rerelease of documents pertaining to Jeffrey Epstein, including his personal address book. President Trump: According to newly unsealed flight logs, Trump flew on Epstein’s private jet in 1997. Will Smith (actor, rapper) Mick Jagger (lead singer of the Rolling Stones) Courtney Love (singer) Bobby Slayton (comedian, actor) Joan Rivers (comedian, actor) Michael Jackson (singer) Rupert Wainwright (actor, director) Minnie Driver (actress) Christy Turlington (model) George Hamilton (actor) Finally, they also revealed that the musicians Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and – more recently – Avicii, would have died because they discovered this sinister network, thus questioning whether their deaths were suicides. Anonymous assures that they “silenced” him. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. This week, the hacking collective re-released a document first circulated in 2015 called Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book.

Are they using social media to influence the population?

It released a list of people who were allegedly involved in the trafficking case. A spin-off called Operation Death Eaters emerged in 2019 to target pedophilia and sex trafficking. Future cars: What would they look like in 2030? Their impunity is why they murder black people and trafficking children. International Business Times, Singapore Edition, Dr Deborah Birx Warns US Governors of 'Broad Surge' in Coronavirus Cases Across the Country, Tennessee Psychiatrist Illegally Prescribes Opioids to Drug Addicted Sexual Partners; Jailed for 4 Years, Nuclear Site in North Korea Releasing Smoke As Fears Rise Over Uranium Store, Sean Connery Dies At 90: Iconic Quotes By First James Bond Actor, Does China Celebrate Halloween?

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