doordash software engineer interview questions

I was lucky to have a very good relationship with my superiors. Being prepared and knowledgeable is a key to every Take a quick quiz and check if you’re ready to answer this question at your next job interview: AMy name is Andrew Franklin, I am 28 years old, and I am looking for a job that pays well. Can you support your statement with relevant examples from your past experiences? Stage 4: Exercise review with hiring manager Hi Mr. Simon, my name is Dorothy Hanson.

Carefully review the information contained in the job description. Third was a coding exercise on adding onto existing code. According to our research, hiring managers at DoorDash ask soft skills interview questions 30% less than at other companies: This question may sound vague, but it actually requires a matter of fact, concise and relevant answer.

This question is asked 21.2x more frequently at DoorDash than at other companies.

Based on your research of the company, what are their current needs? interview for a job with DoorDash for roles including Software Developer, Mobile Developer, Software You can tab through each part of the guide to see information that can be Research the company (website, social media, etc) to learn about the company culture. Here are the most frequent job interview questions asked by HR managers during initial phone or onsite interviews. Stage 3: Assignment review with Director of Product Once the more general questions are out of the way, you (or someone more technical than you) can then ask the software engineer some follow-up questions that are specific to the tech stack or programming languages/frameworks that your project requires (e.g. Standard Data Structures and Algorithm questions. The employer must see that you always try to fill your working day so that to the extent possible, planned tasks are executed on time and with maximum efficiency. You might also consider completing your answer to the question with a closing statement. This question allows you to see how many programming languages the candidate knows and whether they are familiar with a language you commonly use at your company. 43 DoorDash Software Engineer interview questions and 42 interview reviews. Are you confident and capable when making big decisions? So an intrepid engineer has decided to roll their own implementation. Avoid examples that make you seem indecisive or uncertain. Make sure you have developed the story behind each accomplishment and have a strong command of the details of what happened so that you can tell the story clearly and distinctly.

Most enterprises are now going through major transformations, often called Digital Transformation. The interview process for a data scientist can take 2-3 weeks

Using the STAR method will help you to make your story concise and logical. Research the company you are applying to and try to find out what their standards of customer relationship or service are, as well as try to find out some real cases where the customers complained about the company, and what the company did to mitigate the situations (a possible source might be Yelp! I will be having 2 coding rounds and 1 Engineering values. When you research the company, try and find out what kind of challenges they are facing.

Hi Mr. Simon, my name is Stanley Clark and I am a certified Project Management professional known for completing projects on time and on budget. This list does not include technical or factual questions.

Is it heavily weighted towards routine/repetitive tasks or is there a lot of creative work involved?How do your current or past positions relate to what’s in the job description? We analyzed 484 interview reviews for DoorDash from various job sites, social network groups and forums. Thank you very much for your feedback. What steps did you take to address the issue? Although there is no such thing as a “typical” workday, most of us have jobs that require some routine tasks to be performed daily. No one is perfect and your interviewer doesn't expect you to be perfect either. Of course, this may not always be possible in your line of business or profession, but I guess you see what I mean - showing full attention greatly improves your chances of mitigating the situation. What is the number in the middle? Be specific. Be sure to highlight how things have worked out for you since making this challenging decision. Good old days, when a degree from IT and decent technical skills sufficed one to get a job of a software engineer. Sep. 27, 2019 – Recruiting Operations Lead, Today, we’re one of the fastest, most reliable food delivery services in North America. Which of your “road” options correspond best with the opportunities presented by this company? Be audacious and don’t limit yourself. These pages are meant to provide helpful information about how to get a software engineering, product By describing how you managed to deal with an uncomfortable issue in the past, you give the interviewer insight into how you’d handle one in the future. The interview left a sour taste and I stopped using door dash. Engineer, Web Developer, Software Architect, Computer Programmer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data What to look for: Then I flew out to their office. So, even if at this moment this job may be a temporary contract, you never know what opportunities may present themselves to you in this company. So just memorize the standard version.I got rejected even after implementing selection sort and bucket sort and passing the test cases, all within 45-50 min. Here’s how you can approach it. How strong are your critical thinking skills? Describe the chosen option by focusing on the first 1-2 milestones, and by presenting it in light of company goals and current initiatives. Will you feel comfortable with this number? Where do you position yourself? Very behaviorial. Unfortunately one major missing feature is the ability to find out what time slots are free for a particular individual. So, try to imagine where your qualifications will bring you, on that scale, in about a year into the new job. You can practice answering this question, as well as over 160 other common job interview questions from DoorDash by engaging in a mock interview with Mr. Simon.

Try to find out what they need in terms of problem resolution. My name is Andrew Franklin, I am 28 years old, and I am looking for a job that pays well. After all, the interviewer is really looking for what you took away from the situation and doesn’t need to know the full backstory of what happened. Better consider interview with Doordash as just another mock interview as they just reject without any reason.Finally please dont post the standard reply to this review which says ... "We are constantly working to better our interview process blah blah blah" Its irritating when you say that and don't do anything. Try to define your principles or approach. We are a logistics company more so than a food company. Stage 3: Take home design exercise A sincere and respectful conversation builds trust between people, even when the subject of your discussion may be difficult for each part. The SWE were also very unprofessional. Even in this age of the so-called Gig Economy, employers are always looking for people who can become their strong and loyal “soldiers,” a part of their “army” to help them conquer their market share against their competitors. The company doesn't actually evaluate your problem solving skills. We're tackling some of the most difficult logistical challenges that come with on-demand delivery both in engineering and in operations. How have you applied these skills? We greatly appreciate your perspective on the DoorDash interview process. Another question was to find free slots given an array of overlapping occupied slots. This is a tough question because you’re forced to talk about a difficult time with a complete stranger. This question is asked 13.3x more frequently at DoorDash than at other companies. The behavior panel focused a lot on diversity questions which the interviewer seemed uncomfortable asking. Members of our network come together to learn and practice new skills and network with others through our regular interactive events where they establish meaningful connections and have a chance to promote their personal brand and stand out in the marketplace. This will also let them know that one of your basic strengths is the optimization and formulation of your work. It can help you learn more about the company’s priorities, turn the "interrogation" into a conversation and let the interviewer see you have strong intentions to work for them. Tell me about your greatest professional accomplishment, Tell me about a time you had to raise an uncomfortable issue with your manager, Tell me about a time when you've resolved a problem for a frustrated customer, Describe a time when you had to overcome a significant obstacle on a job. Be careful how you respond to this question. Research the company ahead of time to see if there is any information to show a typical workday for its employees. Your feedback has been sent to the team and we'll look into it. Standard algorithm question, leetcode medium or hard. It can also be a launching point to ask about how you prioritize your work. Which of your Key Selling Points and accomplishments would be most relevant to the company? Find intersecting intervals for 2 lists of overlapping intervals. What “have you accomplished at your new job?”. One example of how to structure your answer of a single target number is this: I have done my research and based on the average for the industry, location, and my level of expertise, something like XXX seems reasonable to me. I applied online. The interviewer is assessing both the quantity and quality of your work.

I am passionate about building agile work culture and delivering results. How you handle a disgruntled customer can make the difference between closing a sale and failing to do so. Interviewer was least interested from start. The interview process was horrendous at DoorDash. Whenever possible, I try to meet in person and establish face-to-face contact with someone who feels disgruntled, so that I can fully focus on the situation. Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter I applied through an employee referral. The first interview pretty smooth, However, the second interviewer seemed least interested or bothered. I interviewed at DoorDash (New York, NY (US)). This question is asked 28% less frequently at DoorDash than at other companies. They are curious about the respect you show to a higher authority while having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. So, demonstrating qualities like agility and adaptability should generally be helpful and quite a safe choice in most circumstances today. Hi guys, I'm having onsite coming up for #NewGrad Software Engineer interview. What are you looking for in your next role? For example, I know that people tend to be frustrated when they feel neglected and unimportant. I interviewed at DoorDash (Mountain View, CA (US)) in June 2019.

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