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The first batch of twenty entered service in 2005 in Donnybrook garage.

6800-6836 were fitted with luggage racks in the lower saloon. The bodywork of these buses received a number of minor modifications. Returned from a 3 month tour of Canada.

The American version of Enviro500 have modified bodies and redesigned fuel tanks, which enable the straight staircase to be moved forward. Initially only the 12-metre long (39 ft 4 1⁄2 in) version of the Enviro500 was built, but in 2007 Alexander Dennis announced the production of the 12.8-metre long (41 ft 11 7⁄8 in) version,[2] and an 11.3-metre-long variant followed in 2008.

CLP Group ordered five Enviro500 buses with Euro IV engines for its staff shuttle bus service in 2008. The Dennis chassis for Enviro500 (also known as Trident E500[1]) was modified from the Trident 3. Later a batch of 9 buses with Euro IV engines was ordered for delivery in 2009, which entered service in mid-2009.

They entered service in June 2009. A unique and fun way to see the essential. Three more Enviro500s (9529-9531) entered service in 2013, built in 2008 and acquired second-hand from OC Transpo (see below). The bodywork was also redesigned, with a more angular front-end design based on the Hong Kong version of the Enviro400. On 4 May 2018, ATENU274 (SP9007) caught on fire while travelling on Tate's Cairn Highway as route 277X. On 5 May 2020 bus 543 caught on fire while travelling on Tuen Mun Road. New World First Bus ordered 18 Enviro500 buses with Euro IV engine in early 2007. Gray Line New York, owned by Coach USA ordered 20 open-top Enviro500 for its sightseeing operations in New York and put them into service in spring 2005, these were the first open-top Enviro500 built (another 13 would later be ordered). We have a wide variety of buses to choose from, including school buses, tour/charter buses, mini buses, double deckers and RV conversions. Alexander Dennis built four left hand drive Enviro500 (one 12-metre long or 39-foot-4 1⁄2-inch bus and three 12.8-metre long or 41-foot-11 7⁄8-inch buses) for demonstration in the United States and Canada. Like its fleet of coach buses, they have only one door in the front. It can be fitted with Cummins ISMe335 Euro III engine (later Cummins ISLe340 Euro IV/Euro V engine which uses AdBlue to reduce emission of nitrogen oxides through selective catalytic reduction process), or ISM-330 engine for the buses delivered to North America, and coupled to Voith DIWA864.3E 4-speed or ZF 5HP602 5-speed gearbox. [41], Kitsap Transit has ordered 11 Enviro500 'USA Standard' coaches to provide higher-capacity on its busiest ferry feeder services after demonstrations in 2013[42] and 2015. They were followed by another 77 buses with Euro V engines, they entered service in 2010/11. Special license and asset experience required to operate. Leyland British Double Decker Bus for Conversion For Sale in Arizona!!! We will resume tours in Summer 2021. New World First Bus ordered 12 new generation Enviro500 in 2013, they are all 11.3-metre-long version. We had one full day for Niagara so this tour hit all the high lights and best of all-front of the line privileges so you don't waste any time and you have transportation to the tours too save you the walking time.

Later in the same year, KMB placed an order for a further 100. In 2017, NWFB received 30 second-hand 12-metre-long Enviro500s from Citybus, with new fleet numbers from 5720 to 5749 (originally 8361 to 8390). Item No: AZ-SV-221E2. No special license needed to operate. [50], Coast Mountain Bus Company (TransLink) ordered 32 units for 2019/2020 for use on their suburban routes, followed by another 25 buses for 2021. BC Transit, the first Canadian operator of double-decker transit buses, ordered nine Enviro500s, which were allocated to the Victoria Regional Transit System in Victoria, British Columbia with fleet numbers 9041–9049. This 2000 Gillig City bus has a raised roof to mimic a double decker bus. The bus has the tallest ceiling of any vehicle we have seen. Learn More. Later that year, the operator received 2 hybrid versions of the Enviro500, 8400 and 8401, becoming the third operator of such a type in Hong Kong.

Kiwi Bus Builders narrowed the chassis and built the body to Rockleigh Tours requirements. Between 2019 and 2020, more 12.8-metre-long Enviro500s were transported to Hong Kong and put into service.

[6] 17 buses entered service in early/mid-2008, another one (fleet number 5504) was shipped to Australia in March 2008, after body assembly, for demonstration in several cities between April and May 2008, it finally entered service in June 2008. In 2015, GO Transit, Canada's largest operator of double-deckers with over 120 vehicles in its fleet, became the launch customer for the Super-Lo variant of the "SuperLo" Enviro500s. Citybus ordered a further 104 new generation Enviro500s which were all the 12-metre long (39 ft 4 1⁄2 in) version and possess a high seating capacity for 90 passengers, 8361 to 8399 and 8402 to 8466. Let us know if you have an asset sitting that you wa……. All KMB's Enviro500 buses had a bronze band added to the champagne livery to differentiate them from the first-generation low-floor buses. Kowloon Motor Bus ordered 329 new generation Enviro500 in 2012, with the first bus exhibited at the Euro Bus Expo 2012 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham and delivered in February 2013. [13] They chose double-deckers over articulated transit and motor coaches after a year of testing between September 2010 and October 2011.[14]. If you are interested in any of the used double decker buses for sale, simply click the checkbox next to the advertisement and add it to your favorites or compare it with other attractive offers. “Double Decker” Bus for sale! After a five-year quest to acquire a new double-decker with disabled access, the only company willing to supply a chassis was ADL, though it needed to be modified to make it narrower to meet Australian standards. OC Transpo subsequently ordered 75 Go-Anywhere Enviro500s (numbered 8001-8075) for delivery in 2012/13, the first one officially arriving on 23 August 2012. In person inspection of assets is always recommended prior to leasing or purchasing. Eight of the Enviro500 are destined for San Francisco, and the rest of them are destined for Washington, D.C.[15], Community Transit signed a five-year contract on 2 July 2009 with Alexander Dennis to deliver up to 120 Enviro500 coaches after the trial of an Enviro500 demonstrator. Niagara Falls Essential Sights Tour. In 2010, a batch of 24 12-metre long (39 ft 4 1⁄2 in) buses with Euro V engines was ordered for delivery in 2010–2011. The bus is a slow mover averaging 50 mph and 200-250 miles per day. Typically represents rates for leases under 6 months but lease rates can vary based on exact term. A batch of 35 buses with Euro V engines was ordered for delivery in 2010/11, 30 of them were eventually diverted to Long Win Bus, and 5 buses entered service with KMB in 2011. SLO Transit ordered one Enviro500 which entered service in late 2010. These vehicles entered service in early 2005, joining the nineteen Trident 3 buses already in service since 2000. This version of Enviro500 bodywork was also available with Volvo B9TL chassis. From late 2015 to 2018, Citybus received further 263 12.8-metre-long Enviro500 (6301-6443, 6501-6583, 6800-6836), but with restyled front and rear. A Enviro500 with Kiwi Bus Builders bodywork was unveiled in 2011. Build costs can vary widely on a single asset between programs. Citybus then went on to order a further 70 new generation 12-metre-long Enviro500s of which the first was delivered in January 2015, 8467 to 8536, increasing the total of 12-metre Enviro500 to 216 in Citybus. ", "Scottish bus maker to establish Ontario plant as part of Metrolinx deal", "Double-decker bus crash in Ottawa kills 3, injures at least 20", "Double-decker buses rolling into service this October", 90 vehicle Mexico City order for Alexander Dennis,, Alexander Dennis wins Berlin contract for new double decker fleet.

Until 2014, Citybus has 220 Enviro500s in services, they are all 12 metres long. Call before pitching! The chassis for these vehicles are being manufactured at a purpose-built factory in Vaughan, north of Toronto, creating up to 30 new full-time jobs.

Get this 1990 model Leyland Olympian British Double Decker Bus for conversion that has 6' of inside standing height. Long Win Bus registered three Enviro500 buses, which were originally ordered by Kowloon Motor Bus, in August 2005 to cope with the increased demand for bus services after the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland.

These were followed by further five buses, with the first four being registered in December 2009; the last one, which was fitted with coach seats, entered service in April 2010. In 2020, 5 Enviro500s (5550-5554) were planned to be converted into open-top buses for tourist routes H1, H1A and H2. Les Cars Rouges, a sightseeing company, ordered 16 open-top Enviro500 for sightseeing operations in the US, delivery of these buses started in early 2007. [25] As of Sunday 13 July 2014, the first double deckers started service on route 972.[26].

The first batch of 38 vehicles (8300-8337) was delivered in 2016.

[8] From September 2010, it was loaned to Strathcona County Transit on a one-year lease for the operator's one-year-long double-decker pilot project.

OC Transpo of Ottawa, Ontario, purchased three transit-type Enviro500s in 2008 as part of a one-year pilot project to investigate the use of double-deckers on high-capacity routes. It was first loaned to Community Transit between 2007 and 2009 which put it into service on 1 August 2007, the bus was used on commuter routes between Seattle and various points in Snohomish County during its first year in operation. The first 4 airport coaches entered service in March 2013 and in 2014.

8155 was damaged in a serious collision with a Westboro transit station shelter. A mock-up of restyled 13-metre long (42 ft 7 3⁄4 in) Enviro500 MMC concept bus with 3 doors and 2 staircases was also built for the Land Transport Authority.[27].

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