elliot quest walkthrough

Your best option past this is to use your tornado to avoid the explosive spike while you shoot the knight with arrows, after removing his shield.

After you blow this wall up, go right back up and buy another. You need some bombs so I hope you brought some for the puzzles. To make it up to the chests, you have to freeze the crusher to make it into a safe platform to jump on, then go up and get them.

The hooded rogue wants to join you.

There are some statues here that will come to life and try to stomp on you. When he's blue, you must fire three fire arrows into his back to take him down. Blocks are placed here, some of them you can move. This ending lets Elliot have that, but being selfish is tricky and may not always lead to what you bargain for in life. It certainly helps that beyond mere disorientation, Elliot Quest is a superbly constructed retro adventure, filled with great scenery, charmingly weird monsters, and just enough deconstruction to keep things interesting. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Support | Game Ratings (for parents) | Contact. Follow them out. Talk with him. If you refuse, he will, as expected, fight you again, using pretty much the same tactics as before. Now, work through the puzzle to drain the area of water. Why not? Now just have shadow move to the left and get on the switch down below.

Make the jump over to the left, you'll find a map of the current area.

He's weak if you hit him in the back with arrows, but to make that process much easier, use ice to freeze him. There's a slightly trickier alternative, though.

There's a magic jar to increase your magic meter if you fall down from the save stone, but this means you land back down near the lobby. Follow the small platforms up, but watch out for the shooting stones; now, just take the ladder up again.

You can stomp on these to get the height you need to shoot arrows at its head. Starting off this next room, you have a cannon firing stones at regular intervals. If you go up a screen, you can now unlock the door that is to the upper right. A ring of fireballs will appear around Tema and fly outward to damage you.

Activating this second switch allows us to take a special path above the first switch, except the first switch has to be used again because the door it opened is now blocking our way. This area hides some great stuff: a magic jar, the map of this area, AND a crystal. At his house, before entering, go to the right until you're at a ledge. In this context, Elliot must consider that his own happiness is important, along with the happiness of the rest of the island.

Backtrack to the area before the Ice Temple if you still need that final crystal. You can get those with your tornado, of course. Alright, the gloves are off, this place is only getting a lot rougher now. This place has some floating head enemies, and they are useful for stomping on to reach the high platforms here. Activating the block with your fairy will cause an experience scroll to drop down, but by now, hopefully, you are at max level, making this no more than a mere novelty to discover. Grab the small key to the far right. All that's left is to head right for the Guardian boss, but there's a lot of thwomps on the screen before that. Head to the right and you'll see an icy area of the ground in front of you and a crusher ready to kill you if you aren't careful. Go up and use the bats here as stomping platforms to get to the higher ladder. The first three extra bosses are available as soon as you have seven crystals. Once he's down in health a little, he will gain new, more deadly attacks. Shoot and kill the knight (actually two of these, there's one more to the left of this one) and then just ignore the eye if you want. There are two crystals to find here, leaving just one last crystal after that, the very one I mentioned when we first headed to the Ice Temple, before fighting the Hooded Rogue a second time.

If that scrub can survive this place, so can Elliot.

I suggest using tornado so that you don't have to worry about taking damage from the spikes. Either tornado the thing and finish it with arrows or freeze them. The little nooks and crannies here only have treasure chests. Tornado is useful to take care of bats and avoid taking any damage as you move through this place. Due north of Elliot's village, you can now get the heart piece by using the fairy spell here to activate a platform.

Marlene's schoolin' money!

You need two bombs in the next area to reveal a door (and a third once inside). A blue wizard spewing fire may warp to your location and attack you. Jumping Statue Boss Fight:I think this one looks a lot like an Armos. The entrance is beside the ladder (world map ladder) leading up to the grassy cliffs, at the bottom on the left. Platforms race by you, left and right. Continuing the climb, just above the crusher, you are faced with spikes on a platform, the kind that sense movement and stab you if you stand still too long, with some really big spikes that intermittently shoot down to stab. Drop down.

When you've done it, the next room has a portal door, warping you to a different area of the dungeon (check the map to see where you end up). Little ice chunks will float up when he raises his sword, and they can be hard to avoid, they may even cause icicles to fall which is worse. The shadows mimic your movements, and we need the shadow to hold a switch down.

Ice magic will really help all around here, freezing most enemies if you have enough magic to keep it up. You're now in a room with what appear to be several shadow Elliots. See the little room to the far right you haven't been to?

This will cause instant death if you don't jump at the right time, each time, three jumps in all. While exploring, look for a way back to the upper left, and you'll find a room that has lots of boxes blocking your way. Take a breath. Thank goodness there's a save stone here, as this next part can be very tricky.

It's up to you, either commit the evil act of killing Rasa or walk away and let him live. One way to reach that high is to wait for the boss to spawn some Phanto looking faces that fly toward you.

It's an enjoyable 8-bit throwback that doesn't pause the action to engage in any handholding. All three of the statues aren't going to come alive. Because you saved the shadow guys, one of them will help you here. An eyeball shooting fireballs is also present, so watch out for stray shots as you go. You have to stomp your way over the lava while avoiding the energy balls dropping from above. Every time you see this happen, the method you employ should be the same. Worse yet, if you use your stone magic to knock it down, it will explode as it falls to the ground, causing you some damage if you are nearby where it lands.

Elliot Quest is a retro game clearly influenced by games like Zelda, but the endings are nothing like what Zelda usually offers. Up the ladder here, you can go up and jump on a green blob.

Heading left, now, be careful as you use the crumbling platforms to make it across. Dig at the beach area, just southwest of the Fire Temple, to find yet another piece of heart.

You'll encounter more big block enemies here.

If you want it posted in the guide, I can try to insert it though I feel the basic text descriptions I wrote do the job. Go left until you find a cracked block to bomb. Dig over on the west side of the world map, just beyond the bridge area, to find Corey's Mystical Surf Board special item, the last one. Having him become an ally is an evil path choice, while refusing is good.

On the second screen, Terry must be shielded from projectiles, so you should stand in front of those while he moves along.

The house locked with the Dragon Shaped Key has a blue book inventory item. This next area has two crushers.

Before you ride the updraft here, there's a false wall to the right if you jump up. If your shot flies perfectly horizontal due to maxed strength, your strategy will have to account for the lightning attack because you'll be more at risk as a result.

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