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It, provided for diminishing tax exemptions on importations of, December 1970. Tax, buoyancy was estimated to be 1.31 for the period under study, In contrast, Caballes (1975) estimated the income elasticity of. Prior to 1968, a slightly simpler structure of. Am, issues include: (1) the tax effort, (2) allocative effects of taxation, (3) taxation and, inflation, (4) fiscal incidence, (5) the budget process and economic development, work effort in the area of public finance while the budget process and public debt, are the least explored topics. From this, it is apparent that taxation, attracted the greatest amount of interest and work effort in the area of public. /// Este trabajo examina las principales tendencias tributarias de una muestra de 30 países en desarrollo durante el período comprendido entre 1953-55 y 1966-68; también efectúa un análisis estadístico y sistemático de la estructura y los niveles tributarios correspondientes al período 1966-68, de una selección más amplia que abarca 50 países. Such additional deduction should not exceed 25 per cent of its total export revenue.

The last chapter of, works have not been included in this survey, In this section we will take a look at developm, tax scene over time. She concluded that government expenditures were progressive in, NTRC (1974b) also investigated the incidence of government, expenditures using the 1971 FIES and somewhat m, assumptions than Jayme in assigning benefits to the lower incom, The study concluded that government expenditure incidence is, Tan (1975) allocated the benefits of government expenditures, different income brackets based on a national survey conducted, obtain such allocators. Spending on. It is levied on the donor, of real or personal property, on the basis of the net, appraised at its fair market value at the time of the gift, if m, in form of personal property, or in accordance with the, valuation of local assessors, if made in the form of real, property, The net taxable gift is estimated as the aggregate of, gross gifts less exemptions made during a particular calendar, year. En el Cuadro 2 se muestran para cada país las mencionadas estimaciones de la capacidad tributaria y el esfuerzo tributario, así como la posición relativa ocupada por cada país. to the percentage distribution of total household expenditures, another third was assumed to be borne by the stockholders and, the remainder was not allocated at all and is, remain in the corporation, (3) real property, allocated according to the real property holdings of the various, income classes, (4) transfer taxes which were distributed to the, in said groups, and (5) residence taxes which were allocated, according to the distribution of families by incom, on his estimates of effective tax rates by income class, he, progressivity in the tax rate structure in the lower income, NTRC (1974a) updated the JLETC study using the sam, methodology and 1971 data on family incom, but breaking down the highest income bracket in the, study into three groups. Incarnation, Jr. et al, Philippine Economic Problems in Perspective, Quezon Nevertheless, the International Monetary Fund Mission, headed by Richard Bird in 1974 (IMF 1975) concluded that, “the tax reforms since martial law has therefore probably been, that the better-off people in society… pay a relatively higher, proportion of their income in taxes than they did before.” They, further asserted, however, that “there is no question that it is, within the power of the Philippines to have a significantly, progressive tax system than it now does.”, The imposition of taxes, in general, and tariff and indirect, taxes, in particular, affects the allocation of productive, resources into the various industrial sectors. La presión fiscal efectiva, expresada como porcentaje de la estimada, es lo que se toma como medida del esfuerzo tributario. La part en pourcentage des taxes à la production et sur le chiffre d'affaires a augmenté, tandis que celle des taxes sur le commerce international a diminué. Bahl investigated three variables for his taxable, capacity equation: (1) the stage of economic development as, measured by the share of agriculture in gross dom, (GDP); (2) the sectoral composition of income as measured by, the share of mining in GDP, and (3) the size of the foreign trade, sector as measured by the share of exports in GDP. Los resultados estadísticos son los que cabía esperar, es decir, la proporción de la minería está relacionada con la presión fiscal de forma significativa y positiva, y la proporción de la agricultura es significativa y negativa. Hansen, Bent, Fiscal Policy in Seven Countries, 1955-1965, International Labor Organization, Sharing in Development: A, International Monetary Fund, Taxes and Tax Reform, Jurado, Gonzalo and Encarnacion, Jose Jr., “A G, Philippine Economy 1955-1969,” Philippine Econom, Kintanar, Augustin Jr., “The Incidence of Som, Structure in the Rate of Economic Development of the Philippines,”, __________, Recent Fiscal Reforms in the Philippines, Kintanar, Agustin, Jr. and Mijares, Tito, “Estimation, Revenue in the Philippines,” Institute of Economic D, 1947-1965: The Role of Traditional Input, Education and Technical, Lotz, Jorgen and Moras, Elliot, “Measuring T. National Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines (1977). This is, different from the concept envisioned in Republic Act No. The, regressiveness of the production and sales taxes was not offset, by the progressiveness of the income and property taxes except, for the top most income bracket. Likewise, domestic life insurance, taxed at the lower rate of 8.75 per cent of net investment, income or at the regular corporate tax rates, whichever yields, Transfer taxes in the Philippines are of two kinds: (1) the, gift tax and (2) the estate tax. 2725.6 2494.6 2161.9 1915.9 1554.5 1523.7 1560.9, 445.5 392.5 341.3 378.3 323.3 320.1 341.4, 738.7 711.4 667.3 538.0 414.1 371.8 380.7, 709.4 648.5 495.1 401.8 378.9 379.8 341.6, 613.1 584.1 546.5 497.2 356.0 380.4 419.3, 441.3 452.0 491.0 364.5 299.5 446.0 378.0, 3166.9 2946.5 2652.8 2419.4 1854.0 1969.0 1939.0, 9,758 7,788 8,392 8,931 6,447 3,583 1,889, 9,014 6,647 4,574 4,196 3,551 3,073 2,042 1,766, 4,366 3,415 2,721 2,513 2,104 1,710 1,558 1,404, 4,690 3,497 4,325 4,004 3,541 1,940 1,211, 3,509 4,880 3,877 3,600 2,044 1,447 1,250, 32,660 27,106 22,598 21,298 19,049 12,517. the rate of increment reaching a peak of 57.6 per cent in 1975. end of the seventies, this growth trend exhibited a tapering off with an average of, In real terms, total government expenditures grew, government spending was sluggish as reflected in an average 1.5 per cent rate of, annual increase for the period as compared with the 29.2 per cent average yearly, Total government expenditures was approxim. In addition, agricultural products, produced locally are taxed at 1 percent while the imported kinds, The base of the sales tax on domestic manufactures is, sales, specific and mining taxes paid on raw ma, accessories forming part of the finished product is granted to all, establishments. The estimates of Capital Expenditure for 1961-62 total to Rs. Furthermore, no attem, made to improve on these studies either by checking the. As such, part, of corporate income was distributed to the, brackets based on the share of a given income class to total, expenditures of all households while the rest was allocated to, highest income class. annually from initial levels of 10 and 8 per cent to zero in 1974. For instance, PD 92, abolished the double deduction of promotional expenses and, costs of exporting firms registered under RA5186.

business or trade income, royalties, capital gains, allowable deductions include the following: (1) m, expenses not exceeding P500 each for the taxpayer, his spouse, and each dependent up to a maximum of P2,000 in total; (2), basic tuition fees of taxpayer’s highschool-aged dependents up, to P250 for each and P1,000 in total; (3) expenses incurred in, the operation of business or in the practice of profession; (4). 1 GUIDELINES FOR HISTORICAL RESEARCH AND WRITING HOW TO APPROACH RESEARCH AND WRITING A. Fourteen Steps to a good historical research paper. A stranger is a, person who is not a brother, sister, spouse, ancestor and lineal, descendant or a relative by consanguinity within the fourth, degree of relationship. National Tax Research Center, “Initial Report, Redistribution: A Study of Tax Burden by Income Class, T, _________, “A Study of the Incidence of Government Expenditures by, _________, Tax Incentives Before and After Martial Law, _________, “Income Elasticity of the Individual and Corporate Incom, Individual Income Tax Structure,” NTRC Staff Papers, _________, “Re-examination of the Personal Exemptions and the Feasibility, Power, John. Lastly, tax harmonisation does not necessarily reduce migration flows.

lifetime; and (5) transfers for public purposes. How Do You Start Historical Research For A Novel? The total number for dependents, At present, the Philippines has a dual rate system, 1959, but over the years the rates have been increased. Shin (1969) measured the tax ratio, effort index of 47 developed and developing nations for the, period 1963-1965 and found that the Philippine tax ratio ranked, determinants of taxable capacity, Shin considered the share of, agriculture in GNP, the rate of inflation and the growth rate of.

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