following a puja what is done with the food offering (prasad) quizlet

Right Speech and Right Action the making of offering bowing to the image, chanting all form part of the correct accepted behavior. Ghee.

reverence/ worship & refers to worship Hindus perform daily, of sacred image or Murti so helps them to develop/express their relationship to God & has immense diversity, At home or in a temple & individually or congregational, 1. love & devotion are main characteristics, don't have to visit a mandir, usually done by senior woman in house, will have a shrine offering food, water fragrance & light, most puja include bathing & dressing deity then offerings & is followed by arti ceremony which include a minimum of 16 devotionals, temples appeals to senses: colours, smells & sounds, men & women sit either side of shrine & priest begins worship by lighting sacred fire & burning wood, includes purification of individual before approaching God, Importance of relationship between devotee & deity, love is basis, offerings of food at home or in temple allows some to serve God (sewa) & to show love & devotion but no specific rules to be followed, means sight/vision & refers to sight of a holy/natural spectacle (like a sudden ray of light striking a mountain), experience opens your hear, give peace & divine energy (Shakti), devotee walks around grabha griha ('womb house - central shrine of mandir)in left direction keeping shrine to right, act of moving round a sacred image or idol, belief that God's centre of existence& actions should be directed at God & reminds you should live on a good path, right path = dharma, food offered to God in any ritual, ceremony or worship, after offerings all is shared between everyone so they all receive blessings from deities - offering their heart, 'that which gives eace', A special form of prasad where water/milk used to wash feet of Murtis & thought to give immortality, Personal worship vs Congregational worship, Some believe congregational isn't compulsory & essential aspect of puja isn't congregational but an individual offering to a deity. hindu worship ritual that begins with seating, cleansing, and dressing a deity.

This plate must never be used for any other purpose than offering food in Prasada-Meditation. Following a puja, what is done with the food offering? Is usually performed by Tibetan Buddhists. Temple Puja becomes the interaction point between the individual and the Sangha, therefore it connects the Buddhist community. What does the term 'prostrating mean' and who does it? See the statue/image of Buddha, hear the chanting or sounds of bells, smell the incense burning. Explain the following significance of Puja for the individual. Artha.

What is the symbolism of making offerings? Bells- call to prayer, represents followers concentration being freed from distractions and worries in life, used in a Buddhist temple to create a solemn, focused environment. religious service in which a wafer represents the body of Jesus and wine his blood: also called communion, Easter bread traditional in Eastern celebrations; usually dough is braided and decorated before baking in round pan, arab man who founded Islam in the 7th century, Writings from Allah given to Muhammad by Angel Gabriel to define the spiritual life for Muslims, requirements of Islam; creed, prayers, fasting, purifying tax, and pilgrimage to Mecca, niche in an interior wall of a mosque indicating the direction of Mecca, staircase topped with a pulpit in a mosque, tower of a mosque from which people are called to prayer, person who calls Muslims to prayers 5 times daily, 1 month period of fasting from sunrise to sunset each year, 3 day holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting, black stone cube with a meteorite in its wall; shrine in the center of Mecca, seclusion of women in some Islamic regions, loose, long robe covering the body to the toes and a head covering with a thick veil and narrow slit; worn by Muslim women in Afghanistan, long loose cloak and head covered worn by Muslim women in Muslim countries (Iraq, Iran), long loose cloak worn by many Muslim women, muslim sect that comprises a majority in Iran, Iraq Bahrain, and Azerbaijan, muslim sect that comprises a majority in some Middle eastern countries, religious sect rooted in Protestantism and with carefully defined behavior code. chanting, reciting prayers, lighting candles or incense, bowing. Puja. clarified butter made by boiling butter to evaporate the water and precipitate the milk solids before filtering to clarify it. When the food is ready, take a sampling of each preparation, along with a glass or cup of water, and place them all on a special plate that is used only for offering food to God. Chanting 'Perfection of Wisdom' (enhances believers understanding and insight in their life) and/or 'Hail Jewel of the Lotus' (brings the adherent closer to enlightenment). Right View and Intention relates to the way one approaches the offerings and other aspects of Puja. List some examples of where Temple Puja commonly would take place. Why do Buddhist adherents sit cross-legged? It is done on a variety of occasions and settings, from daily puja done in the home, to temple ceremonies and large festivals. In Buddhist thinking, the head and feet are considered...? Pakka. The Hindu "books of knowledge" consisting of hymns to various deities, instructions for sacrifice, songs for sacrifice, and spells to bring on blessings and keep away evil are collectively known as the .

Brings about good karma, individual gives example behavior which can be followed. Any sacred site or building where an image of Buddha present. How does Puja become a multi-sensory experience for the worshipers? Reflects the belief that pointing the soles of your feet towards an image of Buddha or a monk is disrespectful. Explain the following significance of Puja for the individual. spirit of God is invited to enter, water offered to wash feet, Murti is bathed by water & honey-yoghurt mixture, clothes offered to Murti, prayers, food & fruit offered to Murti etc. Puja is a religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offering and devotion to various deities. What do the monks commonly chant and what does this chanting aim to achieve? Others stress communal aspect of Hinduism as religion. It is the practice of laying full length across the floor, in which the head is directly facing the image of the Buddha.

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