honda xr100 specs

Keep in mind that all Antigravity Small Case Batteries DO come with adhesive-backed foam in the box. For easy removal of recessed oil filters. property of the respective owners. A water and a fuel? Change consent housing. This system will also detect if the battery voltage is too low and will automatically shut down the heated grips in order to make sure the rider have enough power to start the engine or use the motorcycle. For use with single sided Storm mount and all Barkbusters backbone handguards, Keep your hands and controls protected from the wind and impact with Barkbusters VPS lever and wind protection handguards. This smart charger has battery chemistry selection and will automatically sense and select the battery type, then complete a 4-step charging program, (Initialization, Bulk Charge, Absorption Mode, Float Mode) with a max output of 800mA. Only 1/2" thick it is small enough to fit just about anywhere. Once the lubrication solution runs out the far end, the cable is lubricated. You can roll off the throttle manually to disengage the Go Cruise. Does not interfere with headlight, handguards, rear seat, etc.

The Apollo Heated Grips are designed with an integrated adjustable thumb switch, which allows them to easily fit on any kind of motorcycles on the market.

Simply zip-tie the mirror to your handlebars out of the way of brush and protected from crashes. The round mirror is 4.25" in diameter while the oval is 3.75" x 3". This means you can have the optimum combination of strength, tackiness and shock absorption to suit every riding condition and individual style. This is where Honda gets its name.

Quality Fuel pack that's slightly larger than RotoPax 1 gal. Ideal for vehicles that are seldom or seasonally used, or kept in storage. Uses stock valve springs and rockers. Bolt it on and ride! Filter body is only 7/8" diameter. This new mirror can be folded out of the way when it's time to hit the trails.

SAE spec convex glass gives a much greater field of view than flat glass. Firm grip has the same feel as a stock grip, it is very strong and has very good resistance to tearing and abrasion. Need to mount two containers? This solve the problem of mismatched sizes. This charger is perfect for 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year smart battery maintenance. It is made in a sturdy cast aluminum, and is powder coated with a durable black finish. Add tires to your wheel order and we will throw in tubes and mount and balance them at no additional charge. Perfect for use with Snapjack type stands or just parking on an incline. Weatherproof battery lead & OptiMate battery clip set included. Comes with 8mm mounting bolts and 6mm adapters.

Many bikes have 5/16" carburetor spigots but most aftermarket petcocks are 1/4". Made from a nylon and fiberglass composite, these mirrors are extremely durable. Keep your motor running right with a fresh plug. Discussions. Construction of these handguards feature heavy duty aluminum guards with colored plastic deflector shields. Heavy duty springs help prevent clutch slip in high-performance motors. This filter lives in your tank to trap dirt and debris as it is poured into the tank. Half Waffle has waffle pattern in finger area for traction and diamond pattern on palm side to reduce blisters. Just two inches in diameter, this is the smallest mirror available. XR & XL Valve Setting Specifications - Under Construction. Anti-Rip Tip™ uses denser compound to increase life of grip. Simply locate and remove the stock CDI, and plug the unit directly into the wiring harness, no modification needed. The Honda XR100R is an off-road dirt bike that was built for racing and driving in rugged terrains. Tough Polypropylene shields with a larger 6" outer diameter, built for extreme riding conditions. Adjustable arms allow it to be used on multiple bolt patterns found on a variety of makes and models of motorcycles. All mounting hardware is included. In addition the fairing comes with two holes for mounting a standard cigarette lighter / USB style socket and a 12v rocker switch. Includes all hardware needed for mounting. This improved design produces 25% more heat than most other warmers using just 30 watts. Wide temperature settings for various weather conditions. Volume: 1 gallon maximum capacity (3.8 liters). The wall calendar is 11" by 17" when fully open for use on your wall. Extra protection in bad weather to help keep your hands warm and dry. This plate is chosen because of its extreme suitability for welding, abrasion and impact resistance, bearing in mind the full weight of the bike and rider. FUZION guard feature the ultimate in hand protection with a unique design and flexible yet durable material.

The engine produces a maximum peak output power of  and a maximum torque of  . Adhesive heat shield for your new side panel plastics to protect it from the heat of your muffler.

The frame body which a reinforcement plate was added to has the rigidity for a lateral direction and the torsion direction. Get the extender which allows you to stack two containers no problem! Sheepskin gives that little bit of 'cush' and provides superior air circulation.

They look great too! Put the mirror in and hit the road. You can charge your Shorai battery with a regular battery charger but, if you want the very best for it this charger is designed for optimum performance by balancing the individual cells in the battery. They feature a deep bend on the outer bar end for maximum freedom of hand placement and high quality bar mounts on the inside. These risers use 8mm bolts. Become more visible and look cool while doing it. Balanced charging ensures the battery reaches its fullest capacity and longest life. Rolled diameter (empty): approximately 4". FRP made Fairing has been adopted with the design which follow in the footsteps of RC211V. Our pro shop then laces and trues your wheels to perfection, giving you the highest quality set of custom wheels available. All bash plates are supplied with the necessary stainless clamps and bolts where possible. The aluminum wrap-around bar is the biggest on the market with two large plastic shields that are also some of the largest available. Rating. Need to mount two containers?

The Gas Bag Fuel Safe Bladder Kit includes 2 pairs of Giant Loop's adventure proof 26" Pronghorn Straps plus a 3-Pack of Fast Funnel Disposable Fuel Funnels. Universal off-road front fender.

Transmission: Close-ratio, 5-speed 10. This bike was built to handle both racing and harsh terrain riding. Velcro straps allow easy removal when you don't need it. Optional replacement mounts available. In addition, this unit offers a re-mapped timing curve which yields a noticeable increase to horsepower and torque over the stock CDI, This CDI box is a direct plug in replacement CDI. Works with stock controls and cables. Front tire: 2.50-19 14. Filler neck is standard size, fitting "universal" spouts. This plate is chosen because of its extreme suitability for welding, abrasion and impact resistance, bearing in mind the full weight of the bike and rider. In this version sold from year 2002 , the dry weight is 74.8 kg (164.9 pounds) and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. These are quite similar to the very popular KTM folding mirrors but at half the price. Sold each. These handlebars are high quality at an affordable price. Images show a set of these hand guards installed on a set of CR High Gunmetal Fly Handlebars with large black deflectors. This is for the support mount only, COLOR SCREEN SOLD SEPARATE. Clean and simple. Replace the deflectors on your aluminum bar backbones with Barkbusters VPS wind protection replacement handguards. In this version sold from year 2002 , the dry weight is 69.9 kg (154.1 pounds) and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. We think they are great! Final drive: Chain 11. Tacky gel-like surface compound is perfect for offroad and MX. Check out the detailed rating of off-road capabilities, engine performance, maintenance cost, etc. Two waters? The Honda XR100R is a four-stroke off-road motorcycle introduced in 1985, four years after the introduction of the XR100. Bar end mounted mirrors move the mirrors out past your elbows so you can actually see what is behind you. With this design, the auxiliary tank empties first, before the main tank. A water and a fuel? The Crampbuster is not a throttle locking unit but, rather a simple clip-on device which allows you to relax your grip while riding. XR100’s are used to make pit bikes, supermoto, flat-track, and mini motocross for these reasons.

Straight filter is 2" long, 90 degree filter is only 1-5/8" long. If you keep up on maintenance (which isn’t much), the XR100 will last for years, if not decades, on the stock engine.

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