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The clear display of Shadow Weaver's favoritism with Adora over Catra is shown as early as Episode 1, barely ten minutes into it.

She now appears taller, wearing a red-orange-colored short sleeve shirt, and a white coat with golden trim that she wears on one shoulder like a caplet. The UK comics also state that there are two Fright Zones that he operates from, one on Etheria and one on Eternia, the latter resembling Mattel's Fright Zone playset. In one episode, Hordak says that the atmosphere of Etheria was interfering with his experiments, and he has a way to fix it. He was unaware of the fact Entrapta was alive and would be coming to the Fright Zone with Bow and Swift Wind soon after she was brought back from Beast Island.

The only character to not be scared of him in. After she learned Shadow Weaver went to Bright Moon, both her mind and heart began to fill with more anger and hatred than ever before. Shadow Weaver states Catra is a disappointment, but Hordak states she has no one to blame but herself if Catra is not a suitable replacement. Discovering she has been lying to him and what she has done to Entrapta (believing that she was dead), he attempts to destroy Catra. She only does so when Imp and Emily come to her and pull her away. In the next episode, "Flowers for She-Ra", Hordak contacts Shadow Weaver via one of her inner sanctum's screens, telling her that she has disobeyed his orders.

Catra exploits Adora's former friendship to capture Glimmer and Bow while stealing the Sword of Protection.

Homeworld Catra was so upset at seeing Adora's willingness to sacrifice herself that she left with Melog rather than see Adora leave her again.

As Prime left the room a fight between her and Adora ensued, the latter told her to fight the chip's influence, while Catra told that Prime will bring "Peace without end".

After the freezing of the whispering woods leads to the Battle of Bright Moon, Hordak recognizes Entrapta's work and approves her plans. I didn’t hit puberty till I was 13, and then grew from 4’6” when I was 13 to 6’4” when I was 19 (and stopped growing around then). In the new continuity of the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, Hordak was returned to his mini comic roots as sorcerer Dark warlord from ancient Eternia, who opposed Castle Grayskull's original ruler, King Grayskull, with a massive army.

Further, when attempting to interrogate a Horde Clone, Bow asks if Hordak talked as much. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. In the end, Adora gets through to her with the promise of riding in a First Ones ship, and she returns to Bright Moon where she rejoins the Rebellion. In these episodes, it shows that Catra may have never truly made friends with the rest of her squad. The Princess AllianceSuper Pal Trio (formerly)

In the episode "The Sword In The Stone", Hordak even transforms his arm into a vacuum cleaner. Now it’s the moment to ask why Adora, She-Ra, defender of Etheria, is assisting him. Thus begins her descent into darkness.

Her eyes both appear lime green given off by Prime's control chip placed on the back of her neck.

In the alternate reality created by the portal, among Entrapta's robot friends were robots resembling Scorpia and Hordak.

Hordak smiles at her in response. Catra went to Glimmer's cell and told her what Prime knew.

After the battle with She-Ra, the clones would be cleaning up the mess and Hordak would find the crystal and remember Entrapta's name but does not remember who she was. When she learned that Shadow Weaver told Adora and was in Bright Moon, she became unhinged and told Scorpia that they were returning to the Fright Zone. The magical explained to her that Prime wrecked destroyed her species, and she was the last one left.

Catra finds him sitting alone in his sanctum with the remaining pieces of the portal. When sent to find a way to disable the chips, Entrapta explains to Swift Wind that she wants to help her friends.

I never thought of them as 20-somethings. With Horde Prime destroyed and his empire no more, Adora decides to go on a quest spreading magic across the universe, inviting Bow, Glimmer, and her now girlfriend, Catra, to which Catra happily accepts. Adora recruited her into the Princess Alliance after helping her stop the robots. Abilities

Scorpia grew up in The Horde and follows Hordak and all leadership without much question. It's possible Catra knew that if Entrapta were to tell Hordak, he would not have opened the portal. Further, Catra is seen sleeping curled up at the foot of Adora's bed (which has a drawing of Adora and Catra's faces) at night, showing how close they are.

Queen Glimmer finds the melancholic Catra who tells her to just end it when she saw the Heart's effects on Glimmer. He watches her be taken away and steps forward to go after her but decides against it, wishing instead the memories of her would leave him as they make him imperfect and no use to Horde Prime. Scorpia tells Catra she is a "bad friend", finally giving up on Catra and deserting. Latest Appearance Additionally, she's seen with two belts that cross over each other, the thicker of the pair sporting the Horde symbol, and, as the show progresses, we see her sport the Force Captain pin on her shirt over her heart. Hordak and the Evil Horde originally appeared in the Filmation cartoon series She-Ra: Princess of Power. Catra realizes this and keeps her cool while befriending the magical creature.

Eventually, Hordak's army defeated the Snake Men but was then defeated by King Grayskull, who banished him to the dimension of Despondos. At first Catra appeared visibly disturbed by what she had done, but then quickly covered it up and moved on (although she would later have nightmares about what she had done).

Catra and Glimmer had dinner with Horde Prime, where he revealed how his plan to conquer Etheria would play out. Hordak falls into despair at one point, saying how he needed her, Catra says that he doesn't need Entrapta, how they (Hordak and Catra) are strong without them.

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