how to open tarot cards

Knights: Sudden changes and situations, new people in your life, courage, the attainment of knowledge. They represent the people, time frames and vocations in life.

Note: some people say that Wands are the element of fire and that Swords are the element of air. Their meanings are enhanced by the suits: for example – the Page of Swords is a spirited, dynamic person or situation. I’d lay down those cards, and I’d see the story just leaping off the cards, so many messages and feelings coming to me more intuitively. The Celtic Cross is a ten-card spread that provides a more thorough analysis of a situation. A deck of tarot cards consists of 78 cards and 2 parts- the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Whether you’re looking at it from an astrological or numerological point of view, the Tarot has a variety of characterizations you might resonate with. How to Use Tarot Cards to Know the Past, Present, and Future A Brief History of the Tarot. The 12 card reading is a good way to pin down what will happen in each month for the following year. Starting with the Major Arcana and working through the Minor Arcana and Court cards, place each card – one by one on a table in front of you. Learning how to read Tarot cards involves the story of a journey via pictures – beginning with stepping out into the world and ending with completion and achievement of lifelong goals. Prepare yourself mentally, and physically, for your first tarot reading. Once again, record them in your Tarot journal and check back from time to time to test whether or not the card was revealing something important for yourself. Seeing as the Tarot is a story, you might want to use your own narrative when exploring the cards. It looks at external and internal influences plus potential outcomes. However you can also buy them online from places like Amazon.

They were used in a game known as “Tarok” and then the French gave the cards the name we know today – Tarot. As before, shuffle the cards while you think of your question.

Some say you have to be gifted your first deck of tarot cards.

At least, they’re a fun thing to do with your friends. This is open to interpretation, but seeing as Wands usually come from wood = trees, it’s understandable that the branches waving in the air are attributed to that element, along with Swords forged in fire. Another meditation is to carry the card with you all day – especially if the symbolism matches what kind of a day you think you’re going to have. The Major Arcana cards are the beautifully embellished “picture” cards in a tarot deck. Advertiser Disclosure: is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison services to users. Tarot reading is a subsect of cartomancy. After shuffling the cards and thinking of your question (make it simple and direct, such as “Will I get the job?” or “Should I trust my boyfriend/girlfriend?”) – cut them from left to right and pick the first card up from the top of the exposed stack. The combinations are what makes the Tarot an intriguing method of divination, due to the depth of meaning. It’s interesting to start a reading using the card that resonates with your personality as a starting point and it helps with focus.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards split into 4 suits (usually wands, swords, cups, and pentacles) and numbered 1-10. As a final note, you might have – from time to time – cards that jump out or fall out of the deck.

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