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You can unsubscribe at any time and you can contact us here. FIRST LOOK – “Michelle Obama: A Life,” by Peter Slevin, former WashPost Chicago reporter and now associate professor at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, out April 7 from Knopf: “Michelle started out [in the White House] as ‘risk-averse,’ in one staffer’s words, wrestling with unfamiliar conditions and wary of a misstep. The company’s top lawyer and a close adviser to its 79-year-old leader Charles Koch, Holden has helped shepherd the company through its painful transition out of the shadows and into the public eye. Allen also covered Mayor Giuliani, the Connecticut statehouse and the wacky rich of Greenwich for The New York Times. ‘Like any institution, there’s some of both,’ Cruz responded ... ‘Goldman is one of the biggest banks on Wall Street, and my criticism with Washington is they engage in crony capitalism. Prior to that, Allen spent six years at The Washington Post, where he covered President Bush's first term, Capitol Hill, campaign finance, and the Bush, Gore and Bradley campaigns of 2000. While Jeb Bush ... is undeniably the beneficiary of the goodwill generated by past family campaigns, more than two dozen interviews on the ground show that the reservoir of support is neither as wide nor as deep as he might have hoped.”, --“Secret $1.5 million donation from Wisconsin billionaire uncovered in Scott Walker dark-money probe,” by Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff: “John Menard Jr. is widely known as the richest man in Wisconsin ... [with] a highly profitable chain of hardware stores throughout the Midwest. -- Allie Brandenburger is joining Gov. They give favors to Wall Street and big business and that’s why I’ve been an outspoken opponent of crony capitalism, taking on leaders in both parties.”, 2016 PLAYERS --“Meet Ted Cruz’s Karl Rove: ‘He Leaves a Path of Destruction,’” by Mother Jones’ Pema Levy: “[C]ontroversial Missouri-based political operative ... Jeff Roe ... is known for his ruthless, bare-knuckled style and who has recently been in the news due to a tragic death.

Allie was a regional press secretary for Governor Romney’s 2012 and has also worked at the RNC, Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA) and Meg Whitman’s campaign for Governor of California in 2010 and most recently at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA).

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Howli Ledbetter’s full report may contain information on how to contact them such as phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. You may not use any information obtained from Intelius for any purpose covered by the FCRA. AMERICAN BRIDGE HIRES: Kevin McAlister will be deputy communications director ... was recently senior communications advisor for the Michigan Democratic Party focusing on Sen. Gary Peters’ race. The letter, LATE NIGHT BEST – “Jon Stewart Rips Dems for Trying to 'Out-Race Hyperbolize' Each Other” –  Video:, COMING ATTRACTIONS -- “Ten Things to Know About Vote-A-Rama” – From Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen Bingel & Thomas: “This week, probably Thursday and into Friday, the Senate is expected to vote on its version of a budget resolution. of Right to Rise (h/t Kristy Campbell) ... Dari Carnes. Pic:  SPOTTED: Sens.

Add a middle initial, current or previous city, and/or approximate age to refine your results and find your match. Allen grew up in Orange County, Calif., and has a B.A. SPOTTED: Ron Fournier, Dag Vega, Erin McPike, Wesley Lowery, Bill McQuillen, Neil Irwin, Jessica Meyers, Rob Hendin, Marty Crutsinger, Corey Dade, Joel Achenbach, Nick Johnston, Leigh Strope, Michael Sessums, Shawna Thomas, Tal Kopan, Sarah Halzack, Lorraine Woellert, Charlie Greene, Kevin Robillard, Tarini Parti, Cate Martel, Lauren Edmonds. The super regionals ... include: in the Northeast, Kathy Gasperine ... in the Midwest, Marcus Switzer ... in the Mid-Atlantic, Angelique Cannon ... in the Northwest, Lindsay Roitman ... in the Southwest, Stephanie Daily ... Cheng has also hired the New York-based Lisa Hernandez Gioia to oversee the Tri-State area.”, --“Ready for Hillary’s activity surges ahead of campaign launch,” by Gabriel Debenedetti: “Ready For Hillary has signed up at least one new member for its finance council — donors pledging $25,000, the group’s self-imposed limit — every day since March 5 ... New members ... include Washington lobbyist Tony Podesta ... Adobe co-founder Chuck Geschke and his wife, Nan; former Trenton, New Jersey, Mayor Doug Palmer; and Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen.

(These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

So ever since 2001, I listen to country music.’” Video, JEB BUSH in National Review, “On Israel and Iran, President Obama Mistakes Friend and Foe”: “The administration believes Iran will become a responsible partner for peace once it signs up to a deal that largely leaves in place its nuclear infrastructure. But as Jeb Bush seeks to become the third in his family to win here, he’s finding the state almost unrecognizable.

In a region that is in a near-constant state of conflict -- with Iran as a primary instigator -- this approach is foolish.” Intelius does not provide consumer reports and is not a consumer reporting agency.

That includes working for a hedge fund she started that is focused on Africa.”, --“State Department Lacked Top Watchdog During Hillary Clinton Tenure,” by WSJ’s Byron Tau and Peter Nicholas: “The State Department had no permanent inspector general ... during Hillary Clinton’s entire tenure as secretary, leaving in place an acting inspector who had close ties to State Department leadership. He comes to us from Time magazine where he was their White House correspondent. Some use the word ‘micromanager’ — others prefer ‘thorough’ or ‘detail-oriented.’ But there is no question that Cheng, the 35-year-old who will serve as finance director on Hillary Clinton’s expected presidential campaign, is a departure from fundraisers like [Terry] McAuliffe, the [Virginia] governor who for years marshaled the Clintons’ sprawling, complex network of donors with his famously gregarious style. For more information, please review Intelius Terms of Service. All with a Teflon smile.

Murray replaces Dan Pfeiffer as a member of the president’s core team of advisers, and Goldman will take over and expand Pfeiffer’s role overseeing digital outreach by heading up an amped-up Office of Digital Strategy.”, --“Liz Allen has been named Special Assistant to the President for Message Planning and returns to the White House after more than a year serving as the State Department’s Director of Public Affairs and Strategic Communications for Educational and Cultural Affairs. ‘She likes to say, “This is not what people care about. Howdy Ledbetter is 37 years old, and lives in California. In 2011, she moved to the West Wing as Jay Carney’s right hand woman and since November 2013, she’s shaped and coordinated the President’s events, interviews and speeches as the Director of Message Planning. She doesn’t sugarcoat her perspective or dance around the issues.’ ... “Valerie Jarrett ... said[:] .... ‘She is completely honest.

--The National Music Publishers’ Association celebrated the American songwriter with a concert by country group Lady Antebellum (“Need You Now”) last night on a rooftop overlooking the Capitol. Prior to her time at the State Department, Liz worked in the Vice President’s office from 2009 to 2013, including as the VP’s Deputy Director of Communications.”, WEST WING DEPARTURE LOUNGE -- “Seven years after taking a ‘leave’ from her job in New York City to volunteer in North Carolina for then-Senator Obama, Howli Ledbetter departs the White House today. from Washington and Lee University, where he majored in politics and journalism. ... Later this week, she embarks on a six-week trip through Asia before determining her next adventure.”, TRAIL MIX -- “Jeb’s South Carolina firewall fails to take shape,” by James Hohmann: “Twice before, South Carolina has delivered for the Bush family.

Hall managed advance and operations for the Romney for President Campaign as Deputy Director of Candidate Operations ... Hall founded Washington D.C-based Harbinger Outreach in 2013 with partners John Legittino, Chad VonLuehrte and Joshua Sharp.”. Hall brings nearly a decade of advance and operations experience to OAR, having managed operations and logistics at the White House, three presidential campaigns, and many gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional races. But a Bayh adviser threw cold water on the possibility late Tuesday.

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Privacy Policy - Updated | Terms of Service. The company is currently working on a project that will allow Gmail users to more easily receive bills in their email inbox instead of their mailbox. Thune and Flake, Reps. Collins, Blackburn, Jeffries, Conyers, Gohmert and Cardenas, Beth Matthews, Paul Williams, David Israelite, Chris Cylke, Danielle Aguirre, Cary Sherman, Daryl Friedman, Jack Deschauer, Michael Collins, Brendan Belair, Ted Deutch COS Josh Rogin, Lauren Ehrsam, Lauren French, Todd Flournoy, Alex Byers, Anna Palmer, Elizabeth Landers, Ann Sweeney, Julia Flessel. On record we show 2 phone numbers associated with Howdy in area codes such as 510.

As part of that process, more than 100 amendments may get voted in rapid succession in what is called ‘Vote-A-Rama.’”, KATIE COURIC – “In the first of [a] ... five-part interview series, Katie sits down with Ken Burns and Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee to discuss the PBS film ‘Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies’, how cancer has personally touched their lives, the inspiration behind Mukherjee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, and the courageous patients whose stories they tell.” Video, BEYOND THE BELTWAY -- “Gays Targeted in a California Initiative,” by NYT’s Adam Nagourney: “Even in a state known for ... sometimes outlandish voter initiatives, the one proposed by a Huntington Beach lawyer seems stunning: the ‘Sodomite Suppression Act,’ mandating ... that any person who has sexual relations with someone of the same gender be ‘put to death by bullets to the head.’ It appears highly unlikely that the lawyer, Matthew G. McLaughlin, can collect the 365,880 signatures of registered voters ... needed to put the initiative on the ballot.”, DEEP DIVE -- “Are slaves catching the fish you buy?” by AP’s Robin McDowell, Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza: “This intricate web of connections separates the fish we eat from the men who catch it, and obscures a brutal truth: Your seafood may come from slaves.

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