kitten high fever limping

FCV was isolated from 89 per cent of these cats, 63 per cent were less than six months of age, and 79 per cent had accompanying clinical signs (pyrexia, oral ulceration). Treatment of these types of degenerative diseases are usually managing the symptoms.

Joined Aug 13, 2013 Messages 3,269 Reaction score … my 2 year old cat was sterilized twelve days ago. Either way, we need to go to the vet to ensure the best treatment is administered. I did read about the calicivirus and it's scary but that sounds like what she has. The postoperative or recuperative periods after a break are essential for the cat's well-being. While reactions to the vaccine can happen, vaccination is always a net good and should be provided to every kitten.

If you believe your kitten has limping calici, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

Lots of viruses and bacteria can cause these symptoms, though, so your vet will look for other signs before diagnosing your pet.

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Sadly, there's not much you can do to treat your cat if he does have FIP, although some kitties manage to push the disease into remission and live for months or years with few problems. We noticed yesterday that she is listless and is suddenly showing these cat limping problems. If we see the cat starts limping all of a sudden, then it is more likely caused by a physical trauma to the leg. In the same study, these investigators also evaluated 19 cats that developed transient lameness not associated with vaccination. Although not immortal, they are agile, can withstand high falls and will defend themselves if necessary. If your cat is limping on their front paw, carefully examine their paw pad. Modifying their environment to make daily tasks easier will likely be required. These signs may be accompanied by pyrexia (raised temperature) and occasionally other manifestations, such as coughing and pneumonia. Sign up to receive Kitten Lady news, updates, and more! Research in Veterinary Science 56, 133-143, Bennett D, Gaskell RM, Mills A, Knowles J, Careter S, McArdle F (1989) Detection of feline calicivirus antigens in the joints of infected cats. Infections, abscesses and infestations may develop over time. This means it is not uncommon for a cat to be limping, but not make any sound to alert us to their pain. Picture this: your kitten has always been healthy, happy, and playful…until suddenly one day you notice that she is limping. That's what I'm hoping anyways!!

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