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Deuce tries to protect you, bless his heart, but his face glows an iridescent red as he gently pulls you away from Ace, his hand lingering on your back. (All images belong to twisted-memes), My friend first impression of Twisted Wonderland characters, omg im gonna have to keep tagging them huh, Class 2 E had to take Riddle who crashed the ground from the 20 meter height to the nurse office afterwards, His pe grades were already horrifying and with those two tips of.

Club The "scholar" portion of his last name is a reference to "Scar," and a pun that only works in Japanese: in Japanese, the "スカ. This happened in his and Malleus's SR Summoning Robes Personal Story.

He didn’t ever even think of the possibility of you being a girl , he just isn’t used to having anyone else than boys in NRC around .

And, He still can’t make sure ?? Vil “why isn’t Malleus here? Maybe you’re a little shy but he doesn’t mind that you depend on him. When an heir was born back in the King of Beasts’ time. Romaji Gender Playing with children https://twisted-wonderland.fandom.com/wiki/Leona_Kingscholar?oldid=22326. … But then he would have missed out on this premium moe content of his favorite character, (y/n)—!

Malleus sighs and lets you stand next to him under his mantle, keeping a hand on the small of your back. There apparently was a huge ceremony where everyone in the land came to watch. Male Both of these lines reference the “star scene” in the movie; here Mufasa explains to Simba that the great kings of the past look down on them from the stars. He’s very affected. He is a tease. StudentDorm Leader He knows you’re kinda shy, it’s adorable, yet he wants you to be confident and will try to help you. Kalim just waltzes up to you and wraps an arm around your shoulders, grinning from ear to ear as he offers to help you with your chores. It’s a little too much.” -> Leona “it’s your own ‘brother’ problem right, just do something yourself.” -> Ortho decided to just do it himself -> he started computer simulation and decided to just use a magic beam to destroy the whole school -> Crowley stopped Ortho and explained to everyone that mass media will soon be on their ass if Shroud disappeared -> Ortho also threatened that if nobody helped, he is going to hack the TV station to remove the mosaic on news and put on “the student that abandoned their friend” instead -> finally everyone agreed to help -> Lilia suggest to ask Sam boy since he knows a lot about the ghost -> Sam said he heard about this from his friends on the other side -> Ortho “is there any item that we can use to solve this…” -> “IN STOCK NOW” -> the ring of extinction -> it can force the ghost to the other world if you put it on her left ring finger while saying “I swear to love you for as long as you are alive.” -> Lilia “so basically, I don’t care if you are dead.” -> but how can we put it on her? Well , he’ll get used to it right? Well yes gender might be no big deal compared to the fearful thoughts he is having at mind ; but it’s enough to send him into his safe zone and stay away from you, His face turns red and hot whenever he thinks of that scene even when he’s all alone in his bedroom , God he wasn’t prepared-, Ortho finally forces him to tell what’s bothering him and when he confesses , Ortho gets really excited . He insists that it’s nothing all though it’s obvious that it is-, Alright , a few days until he cools down . What? Beside that , having your gender exposed makes him feel a bit unsafe about his relationship with you ; if even a simple thing such as gender could be different from what he was expecting you , then what greater differences would your reality have from the (y/n) you were into his eyes ?

But in general , nothing about your relationship really seems to be gender related.

Class But it’s all because he love you, he truly hasn’t experienced this, but he wants to thank you for this. Voiced by

Well a lot of things are different when it’s an all boy school , right ?

Epel wasn’t ever comfortable with getting close to girls , along becoming a friend of them . .feat ‘special gift’, So this is going to be my attempt to summarize the newest episodes of the ghost marriage event (episode 1 to 13) of twisted wonderland. He is making sure that you both look good but suddenly his eyes lay at the sight of your chest through his phone…, His eyes grow wider and he doesn’t notice when he presses the button : The sound of his phone’s flash almost made him drop it, You ask if he’s alright but Cater just gives you a nervous laugh and say that the phone just slipped for a second . You actually manage to finish your chores under his watchful gaze, and relish in the way his cheeks flush a little when you smile and thank him. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is probably just gonna give you a light peck on the lips then pull away with a smile and Iight blush.

For once he leaves without taking Kalim with him , he just forgot him a the moment, He now feels… angry .

He thought that he had you under his watch pretty well , but he even failed to realize your gender correctly ; Malleus isn’t about to treat you any differently just because you ended up being a girl , all though he has to agree that it was a bit shocking . Magical Shift

You were just a kiddo he always enjoyed teasing but now that you’re a girl…? Fireflies and the great kings of the past 2. I can’t come up anything like that in this situation!” -> Floyd next -> Floyd “this person just so annoying~~ can I squeeze her?” -> SLAP, -> Jade’s turn -> He offered her flowers -> Jade “I picked out those flowers myself, I thought you would look great with them.” -> Floyd pointed out those are flowers with strong poison -> Jade “yes, if you just touch them with your barehand, your hand would broke, but it seems like it don’t work with ghosts.

-> the only way to do it is to propose her -> Crowley told you to gather all the students he called -> it was Trey, Jack, Jade, Floyd, Leona, Vil, and Sebek -> the plan is to make them propose to the ghost princess -> Riddle “wait a second, I can’t just watch my vice dorm leader do this, I will go too.” -> Crowley “you can’t.” -> Riddle “eh?” ->Crowley “there’s a common trait between all 7 of them, which is… over 180cm in height!!!!! It doesn’t hurt.

Suddenly his body feels warmer and his cheeks get red . Hair Color

1. Well accidents like this can happen everyday , right ?

You don’t get why Azul seems to be studying your chest so you ask if something’s wrong?

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