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Using the momentum gained from the last attack, he cuts through the Female Titan's facial muscles, causing her to open her mouth and reveal Eren inside. He retreats to the Wall, where he meets up with Erwin. )Monster (by Zeke Yeager)Captain Levi, Most relevant positions to the story:Street thug (formerly)Mercenary and assassin (formerly)Squad member recruit (formerly)CaptainSecond-in-command (under Commander Hange). The two became friends and eventually started a gang together. Humanity's strongest soldierMidget (ect. Levi Ackerman Levi Ackerman (often incorrectly romanized as Rivaille) is one of the main protagonists of the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. A revolutionary army was formed, but the uprising was unsuccessful and crushed.

After the Scout Regiment is accused of trying to monopolize Eren's Titan powers, the government begins arresting all members of the organization. They find a trail left by a Titan crawling along the ground, and follow it until they reach the edge of Paradis Island. They are giant creatures that usually resemble nude male humans in form, although lacking reproductive organs.[ch. When she is blown back, Levi, Conny, and Jean take the keys to help free him. When Eren refuses to step down, Levi forcefully punches his face and knocks him aside, before being pinned down by an enraged Mikasa. He then realizes that the human inside the Female Titan may have escaped, and he orders Levi to replenish his gas canisters and blades. Also, Levi does not change clothes before going to sleep, as it is such a non-event for him. Having seen the two of them perform heists using omni-directional mobility gear, she asks if she can become one of them. This was just an act to get the people to think that Levi can keep Eren down and that the police force cannot, assuring them that the Scouting Legion will take care of him. Armin tells them his theory about the Female Titan's true identity. Kill Erwin Smith and recover incriminating documents for Nicholas Lovof (formerly).Protect humanity from the Titans (formerly).Follow Erwin in everything (formerly).Keep doing his duty as a soldier.Kill Zeke in Erwin's name (ongoing).Protect Paradis from the rest of the world, especially Marley (ongoing).Defeat Marley (ongoing). Eren declares that he trusts in his squad's victory, and they keep going through the Forest.

When Levi does not answer, Miche grabs his head and slams his face into a dirty puddle. ", This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 17:45. After seeing that Reiner survived the brutal attack, Levi angrily laments that he was not able to kill Reiner. Eventually, they reach Shiganshina District and ride in on their horses. After injecting Armin, Levi watches as Armin's mindless Titan form devours Bertholdt and explains to a confused Floch that, after all he has given, it is time for Erwin to finally rest.

More soldiers appear, of a unit that has not been seen before, and one of them kills Abel.

Biological Information

Rank [19], Levi realizes the Titans he had killed were human, Following Eren's rescue, Levi joins Dot Pyxis by Erwin's bedside, where the Commander is recovering after the loss of his arm. Levi Ackerman describes it as knowing exactly what needs to be done, and it lets the Ackermans exhibit physical abilities far above the average human. Undeterred, Levi savagely twists and breaks the MP's arm for not answering his question. The MP refuses to talk, instead spouting off about how the Scout Regiment will be lucky to survive and how Erwin and the other captured soldiers will be executed. Levi was born to Kuchel Ackermann, a prostitute who worked in the Underground and was impregnated by one of her clients. Noting that the kidnappers appear to be amateurs, he leaves the situation in his squad's hands while he goes to Eren. The squad finds their way blocked by a barricade created by Kenny's squad, but before they can find a way to circumnavigate it, they see light from a Titan transformation deeper into the cavern. [3], Shortly after, heavy rainfalls begin to limit visibility. The upcoming expedition should be the best time to steal the document and kill Erwin because the Scouts will all be focused on the Titans, but Levi tells his friends to stay behind. The MP is panicked and confesses that he does not know where they are. The Eldian population remained on the home continent that did not migrate with King Karl to Paradis Island have since been forced to be subjugated by the Marleyans, who despised Eldians as subhumans and treated them cruelly as second-class citizens confined to segregated lives within the gated Liberio Internment Zone (レベリオ収容区, Reberio Shūyō-ku), where the Eldians are forced to wear armbands with a 9-pointed star as a badge of shame and forbided to leave Liberio without permits.

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