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He also takes great pride in his skills and talents as a make-up artist. EJ Johnson has definitely shown the world that he is an unstoppable force.

Elisa Johnson is the youngest daughter of Basketball Legend Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson. His mother was simple and used to work as a custodian at a school. The next day, he apologized to his son as he emotionally told him they were going to get through this. Magic’s parents were both athletic when they were young. When TMZ featured EJ holding hands with his boyfriend, some were surprised to learn that he is gay. Even CJ wears the same type of dress that Elisa wears. In addition, their relationship rumor adds more credibility after Dominique also started posting pictures with Elisa along with  Love Emoji. Earvin Sr. used to be an assembly worker at General Motor. With the base of his performance, he was drafted to Lakers team in 1979 to play in NBA. EJ often will reflect on his childhood and his innate inclination toward fashion and design. He started his career in basketball from his school and college days where he had won many championships.

Her net worth is $100,000, but her dad is one of the richest basketball players with a total net worth of $650 million. Now it can be said that Magic has got Basketball blood from his parents. Well, if you want to know more about her personal life and relationship with her dad, then read the article below; Elisa is quite secretive about her personal life, especially when it comes to her love life. It even documented after years, their love hasn’t faded at all. Magic Johnson is a retired American professional basketball player, counted among the greatest basketball players of all time. Magic was born to Earvin Johnson Sr. and Christine Johnson. When the NBA star first learned that EJ was gay, Magic expressed that this wasn’t what he wanted for his son.

He is a former professional player of basketball for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team of Los Angeles Lakers for thirteen seasons. Find out why so many people want to know about the famous father-son duo — and why Magic apologized to EJ several … He also questioned if EJ was sure he knew what he was saying. RELATED: You Won’t Believe How Many Kids Dwight Howard Has Fathered. When he was younger he would love playing with dolls. Magic added that he just needed more time.

Does Magic Johnson have children?

Besides, he became the main member of the show, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, in 2014. His total Net worth is $500 Million. Magic tells that if Cookie was not there with him then he would not be able to survive HIV. However, she recently reunited with her biological parents on Elisa’s brother E.J.

Elisa is a famous Instagram star with a good number of followers.

The best part was that they both used to play basketball at their early age. Magic Johnson is one of the most iconic athletes in basketball history. Cookie has to also go through an HIV test to check if she was infected or not. His parents gave birth to a total of six children Yvonne Johnson, Larry Johnson, Michael Johnson, Kim Johnson, Pearl Johnson, and Quincy Johnson. Furthermore, he earned a whopping $100 million with a sale of 100 Starbucks franchises and 4.5 % of Laker’s stake. Her stepbrother, Andrea, is the first son of Magic with his previous wife, Melissa Mitchell. Though his first reaction may not have been perfect, he definitely seems to be in a better place now.

However, her Instagram suggests,  American Model Dominique Hollington as her special one. His parents gave birth to a total of six children Yvonne Johnson, Larry Johnson, Michael Johnson, Kim Johnson, Pearl Johnson, and Quincy Johnson. View Case Studies. Ultimately after a few years after welcoming their first daughter EJ Johnson, Magic, and cookie decided to expand their family. In 2018, Magic purchased LeBron James’ house for $23 million. He is also a well known Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Broadcaster and an Entrepreneur. From Magic Johnson Theaters and Starbucks to Simply Healthcare and The Dodgers, MJE is a measurable success factor in achieving significant return on investment. She never left her husband at that point and stayed with him. Interestingly enough, EJ spilled all the inside tea when he appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk. He takes parts in various business activities. Eventually, he again had to take a retirement because his teammates were protesting against him. 08/27/2020.

EJ can relate to this all too well. He is openly Gay and serves as tv personality and sociality.

Magic and EJ have a great relationship, but they’re also open about the work it takes. Elisa Johnson: Magic and Cookie Johnson adopted Elisa in 1991. Elisa Johnson is a popular Instagram star, but besides that, she hasn’t enrolled in any profession. The couple, however, is yet to confirm their relationship. This biography of Magic Johnson provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline. Earlitha Cookie Kelly and Magic Johnson got married at Lansing in 1991. After drafting he won many championships for Lakers and became the most valuable player for the season. The children’s from the neighborhood who used to see Magic collecting garbage used to tease and bully him. Celebrity kids are always paparazzi, and public favorites, their every action are the topics of interest to everyone.

He also started to have his own TV shows as an anchor. Now Magic has retired from professional basketball but his fame is still working. Since EJ Johnson’s sexual orientation has become public, his famous father has appeared in interviews speaking out about the importance of embracing children for who they are.

Similarly, a basketball player,  Magic Johnson adopted daughter, Elisa Johnson is one of them; she is in the limelight since her adoption. After his current dad, Magic got infused with HIV; the couple decided to adopt rather than taking the risk of giving birth to an infected child. Magic Johnson is one of the most iconic athletes in basketball history.

In 2013, TMZ published a story with photos of EJ holding hands with his then-boyfriend. Nevertheless, the media too often shows a lack of boundaries. However, it was not a shock to his parents. Andre Johnson: He is the eldest son and was born in 1981. Magic and EJ have a great relationship, but they’re also open about the work it takes. More to that, the video featured emotional bonding between mother and daughter. © Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. After playing a good season he took his final retirement and started to work as an advocate to prevent HIV/AIDS. His mother Melissa Mitchell and Magic had a relationship in past.

During that time, they found Elisa and decided to adopt her. Hopefully, Magic Johnson and his son will continue to put the work in and have a positive relationship. Elisa with her Dad Magic Johnson. Since their marriage, they are happily together. The worst part at the time was that she was pregnant. Elisa is blessed with two brothers Andre Johnson and Ej Johnson, and she shares a healthy relationship with both of them. It is revealed that CJ is gay and he is also proud of it. Latest Updates View All. It was not even two months that Magic told Cookie that he was HIV positive. He shared that it was his mother who taught him a lot about brands like Chanel and Versace.

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