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Likewise, his brother's name references the kangaroo, specifically a young kangaroo. His sense of history is a garbled mix of irrelevant inaccuracies, as well as the fact he is unable to even spell his own number.

Negative Numbuh 86 made a weak protest about her already having that position, only to be harshy rebuffed by Negative 4. Wallabee "Wally" Beatles a.k.a. When the main characters entered the Negative Universe through a portal in Wallabee's new backyard pool and Negative 4 discovered the existence of a positive universe, he sent Eizzil to capture her counterpart Lizziein a bid to take over the positive universe. Consequently, he's almost totally reliant on his subordinates for protection; which, given their fear-based loyalty, is entirely dependent on his ability to keep up a threatening image as leader. Operation: P.O.O.L. Eeballaw also appears to act somewhat childish, as he uses words such as "toys" to describe his weapons. In response, Eeballaw declares that positive Sector V and Lizzie will fight each other in the arena and all but the winner will be sent to the broccoli mines while the winner will become his "bestest bodyguard.". Good Hair color: Yellow 1 History 2 Abilities 3 Trivia 4 References Joey made his first appearance in Operation: S.P.R.O.U.T., where he was crying after hearing his dad's boring story at the dinner table. She has long straight black hair with bangs. Negative Numbuh 4 founded the DNK to start a tyranny of child oppression on their world.[1]. Numbuh 4's "Buried in the Sand" and "Buried on the Moon". In Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R., he didn't think the sport was a big deal because of how the Kids Next Door always fight adults. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, there are some moments where he shows some intelligence. Wally sees Nigel as his hero and one of his best friends, and he was the most devastated when Nigel joined the Galactic Kids Next Door. They have very different interests, with Kuki being a girly-girl and obsessed with Rainbow Monkeys all things feminine, and Wallabee being into what stereotypical younger boys like, such as violence, germs and games. Numbuh 4 is the brash and impulsive hand-to-hand combatant 10-year old handsome Australian boy of Kids Next Door Sector V. He is close friends with Numbuh 2 and has a crush on his teammate, Numbuh 3. Numbuh 4 does have will power when he chose not to fight a senior-zombified Numbuh 5 until she insulted him. Whilst his prowess in combat is almost unparalleled, he is also easily tricked and can be outsmarted by more savvy opponents. Kids Next Door Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. KND Code Module is a FANDOM TV Community. Despite their differences, they are close friends who hang out together, and team up for missions often.

Appearances After a short rant about his team's betrayal, Eeballaw leaped into the portal to the positive universe, only to be kicked back to the negative universe by Eizzil. Wallabee Beatles Family: Joey (brother), Sydney (dad), unnamed mom, Toiletnator (uncle), Kirie (daughter), Joey (son) Gender: Male Friends: Nigel, Hoagie, Abigail, Sector L1, Sector Z, Marine Enemies: Toiletnator, Father, Ernest, Margie, Sandy, Ace Relationship: Kuki Sanban Homeland: Australia Status: Active Position: Hand-To-Hand Combat Specialist Good or Bad? Negative Numbuh 4 is the Supreme Leader of the Destructively Nefarious Kids, an evil version of the Kids Next Door Organization that exists in a parallel Negative Universe, and the tyrannical ruler of that universe before his defeat. His first name references that he is Australian, as wallabies are native to Australia.

Appearances He claims it makes him look "eviler", but it's the source of much ridicule from both allies and enemies alike.

Voice 10 (start of the series)11-15 (through out the series)16 (since OPERATION DECOMMISIONED), Slender, blonde hair, orange hoody sweater, blue jeans and white shoes. DNK Treehouse He was then apprehended by his former minions, who sent him to his own broccoli mines as punishment for his crimes against the Negative Universe. In Operation: S.P.R.O.U.T., when Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, and Numbuh 5 were inside of him, it was shown that he had a very small brain. KND Code Module is a FANDOM TV Community. Another identifiable trait is his Broad Australian accent. In Operation: P.O.O.L. Negative Numbuh 4 founded the DNK to start a tyranny of child oppression on their world. Kuki is a girl of Japanese descent. However, Wallabee recognized that his foe was everything he was not; therefore, he was also an utter coward. Numbuh 4 is the team's muscle, and the bravest, toughest, strongest, fiercest, wildest, most adventurous, dangerous, courageous, and alongside Numbuh 1, the best fighter in Sector V. These traits are largely due to the fact he is also impulsive, brash, hot-headed, arrogant, ignorant, and the outright harshest of the team. Numbuh 4 is also known for his apparent lack of intelligence, preferring to simply beat up any and all obstacles in his way. and Operation: F.E.R.A.L., Numbuh 4 has the desire to become leader of Sector V, but fails due to his bossy attitude and lack of intellect. I'M EVIL!" He is also a dodgeball prodigy and the best dodgeball player in existence. Her usual outfit is an over-sized green shirt, black leggings, green socks, and black and white converse shoes. and even shed tears in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E. Nigel mocked Negative Numbuh 4 and declared that they will never fight each other and rule alongside someone who rules by using fear, so Negative Numbuh 4 orders his guards to take the prisoners to the broccoli mines. She has more alternative costumes than any other character in the show. He wears an orange hooded sweater, blue jeans and white sneakers.

She was then brought to Kids … He also is shown to be very jealous when someone tries to flirt with Numbuh 3, as seen in Operation: L.O.V.E. This doesn't make him beyond reasoning, however. With that settled, Eeballaw returned to the pool, waiting impatiently for his minions to secure the positive universe's pool and begin his invasion. When the main characters entered the Negative Universe through a portal in Wallabee's new backyard pool and Negative 4 discovered the existence of a positive universe, he sent Eizzil to capture her counterpart Lizzie in a bid to take over the positive universe. Unfortunately for Eeballaw, this display of cowardice - coupled with a regretful Ynnaf's impassioned speech to her teammates - led to the DNK turning against their leader and realizing the error of their ways. Numbuh 4 is the brash and impulsive hand-to-hand combatant 10-year old handsome Australian boy of Kids Next Door Sector V. He is close friends with Numbuh 2 and has a crush on his teammate, Numbuh 3. As seen in Operation: C.A.N.N.O.N. However, Wally begrudgingly tolerates her obsession to stay on her good side, due to his huge crush on her. Numbuh 5 once beat Numbuh 4 up for hiding in the girls bathroom and out of irritation. They have a brotherly/sisterly relationship. Appearance Edit Wally is easily noticeable by his blonde hair with its bowl-shaped cut. Eeballaw shows no apparent attraction towards Ikuk, nor she towards him, displaying the opposite of their positive selves. Though sometime Numbuh 1 gets irritated with him. when the evil versions of the KND (known as the DNK, Destructively Nefarious Kids) posed as his friends, he was able to tell that they were impostors when he looked into Negative Numbuh 3's eyes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wallabee "Wally" Beatles a.k.a.

One of Numbuh 4's most obvious traits is him exhibiting low intelligence. He is also the shortest Sector V member, for which he is picked on a lot (for example, Abigail called him "sport" in Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R.).

Numbuh 4 can sometimes think that some things that are evil or somebody in trouble aren't a big deal. Despite this, Numbuh 4 has a strong sense of determination and never gives up in a fight. He ends up marrying Kuki in the future. Dee Bradley Baker, " A simple reason really. Numbuh 4 wielding a S.C.A.M.P.P. When asked about his bed, Mr. Warburton had answered that Wally just runs around like a maniac all day until he just passes out in his wrestling ring. His eyes, like almost the entire Sector V, are not always visible, although it is later revealed that his eye color is green. Shortly after, Numbuh 4 jumps into the pool and enters the Negaverse, facing his negative counterpart on the diving board, with the Negative version bragging that his guards and superior intellect gave him the advantage. --Negative Numbuh 4.

, Operation: B.U.L.L.I.E.S.

Like Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 goes to her for advice. Wallabee is allergic to coconuts, as seen in, His most prized characteristic, according to, A drawing of Kuki is seen in his room near his window in, He has a baby grand piano that his mother gave him (, He appears to be good at impressions, as shown in.

However, she was interrupted by Numbuh 86 and Sector V who thought she was Numbuh 206, who had turned thirteen and escaped from decommissioning. Although both Numbuh 4s possess a short temper and a boisterous personality, Eeballaw is much more intelligent and calculating than his heroic counterpart, able to coordinate the DNK through a combination of good strategy and simple intimidation. Numbuh 4 was the one mostly upset when he lost Numbuh 5 to Grandfather's spell. Despite not being the most book smart, he is indeed the operative with the most street smarts, along with Numbuh 5, as shown in Operation: M.A.U.R.I.C.E.. Before he could do so, he found his minions resurfacing and greatly injured. Occupation Lots of Questions, Wonderful Answers | Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Forum, Heres some new ones | Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Forum, Cameos when Numbuh 9 was being decommissioned. He has a son. that his parents would repeatedly send him to boarding schools, but he would always bust out of them. Questions Answers! He's shown many hints of attraction, such as blushing whenever she hugs him or says a comment that flatters or embarrasses him. Numbuh 5 once snapped at him to leave her alone, scaring him. N/A After successfully capturing the members of Sector V and replacing them in their universe with his servants, Eeballaw revealed himself to his captives, but they mocked him on his goatee. In the 2x4 Technology Handbook, Hoagie said that they have been friends before joining the KND. Evil counterpart to Numbuh 4, Formerly Supreme DNK Leader. and Operation: C.A.K.E.D.-F.O.U.R..

Whenever Numbuh 1, 2, or 3 is not around, they hang out or solve solo missions, often serving as a foil to his hot-headedness. Wallabee is easily recognizable by his blond hair in a bowl cut. There are few amongst the KND that can match him in hand-to-hand combat, and even fewer who can compete with his bravery.

Although Eeballaw tried to deny the accusation, Eeballaw's challenge caused him to order his guards to fire.

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