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It is smaller compared to Sindhi Aseels weighing between 1.5 and 3.5 kg depending on the preference of breeders. The jaw bone on their face is slightly uplifted and eyes are human like slightly closed and narrow with prominent eyebrows. Until the beginning of the 1980s nothing was heard about these little Asil. were regarded as inferior.

Aseel is noted for its pugnacity. The large Asil are divided into sub-varieties: North Indian, South Indian and Madras type. This breed has a typical parrot like beak and small neck size. The chicks often fight when they are just a few weeks old and mature roosters will fight to the death.

Weight: 5 to 7 kg. Every year these clubs conduct Aseel exhibitions where people from all over India showcase their Aseels with passion and pride and the rare Kilimookku (parrot beak/nose long tail) Aseels rules the roost. This group of Asil reached worldwide popularity due to books and articles written by gamefowl experts such as Herbert Atkinson, Siran and Paul Deraniyagala from Sri Lanka and Carlos Finsterbusch from Chile. Food & health Health and Nutrition. Although they were used as fight birds in the past, today they are prized for their ornamental value.These Aseels are huge and muscular in appearance much like body builders, possess long tails with beaks very short and thick similar to that of a Parrot hence the name kilimookku meaning parrot beak. These Aseels are characterised by a muscular but compact body, broad shoulders, wings carried against the body, short and hard feathers, drooping tails, a large curved beak similar to that of an eagle, pea comb and no wattles. 2.5K likes. The breed was also introduced again in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Pakistani Aseel breeders have developed different varieties of Aseel/Asil breeds. They have a lower station, are heavier build and stronger boned. The shoulders are wide, broad & muscular . At present day the "classic" strains and names given mentioned by Atkinson are more or less forgotten. They have a normal tail and nose unlike longtail parrot beak Aseel. Hens can also be very aggressive towards each other. Hatching The hens are not good layers, but are excellent sitters. In colonial times other colours such as whites, spangles, golden, etc. Amroha hens would hatch 9 to 12 eggs which they lay in the month of March to April and usually in September as well. The birds are generally categorised based on their physique and colour combinations some of which are: An average one-year old Kilimookku Aseel weighs at about 5 kg and will go on to weigh up to 7 kg when full grown. Their tails and wings have white feathers.

The main registered clubs of these Aseel breeders are: Every member of these clubs are well known breeders in their home towns. May look smaller than other breeds but is excellent spurer. this page is about the aseel breed parrot beak and long tail orignaly from india It is famous in Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil nadu and in Pakistan’s Punjab area. Parrot Beak Aseels, Bangkok, Thailand.

Parrot Beak and long tail aseel. Asils were first used for cock fighting and may be considered fighting cocks. Physiological characteristics The average life span of these Aseels are from 5 to 8 years although birds that are 10 years old are not uncommon. This breed is mainly found in Mianwali district of Pakistan. … Weight: Maximum weight for the hens is 1.8 kg, max weight for the cocks is 2.7 to 3 kg. But one of the rarest breed is what they call Lassani Aseel breed. Aseel Tail. Original Quality Parrot Beak and Long Tail Aseel Breed has 4,341 members. The complete encyclopedia of chickens, Esther Verhoef & Aad Rijs, Rebo International, This page was last edited on 29 September 2020, at 12:37. [5] The Aseel breed is found in almost all states of India, but abundant in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In English they are called Long Tail Parrot Beak/Nose Aseels. A good Mianwali Aseel should kill its opponent within a few minutes. The native people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka only know the Reza-type Asil by their local names. The shape of their face is round with a strong beak itself round to some extent. Shaped as parrot with a tight grip. There are many varieties of Asil, some are standardized for shows such as the Reza Asil in the UK, some are simply named after the area where they are bred such as the Mianwali Asil from Pakistan or the colour, red/wheaten Asil are generally known as "Sonatol". The Asil or Aseel is a breed of chicken originating from Indian subcontinent. They have been known to kill bigger roosters because of their speed and accuracy. A Belgian breeder named Willy Coppens created them again using Shamo (chicken), Indian Game and Reza Asil. The breed got very popular after its creation but after a couple of decades interest in this variety slowly died out. Bantam Asil have been created at the end of the 19th century by an English breeder named William Flamank Entwisle. In the U.S., the breed is on the "Watchlist" (2012), by the Livestock Conservancy. These birds often come in a bluish colour. Glossy and hard feathered Amroha Aseels are known for their geometrically round physical traits. Unlike Mianwali they have a particular fight style. The breed is generally unstandardised in South Asia and India, but popularity has increased in the western world in recent times with the breed standardised in the British,[1] Australian[2] and American standards.[3]. The Madras Asil however is significantly different. For example: Northern type = slender, Southern type = heavier build. Asil with feather beards under their beaks known as "muffed" and with tufts on the top of their heads known as "tasseled" are also seen, but are very rare especially outside India/Pakistan. Sindhi Aseel or Sindhi Asil (Sindhi: سنڌي اسيل, Urdu: سندهي اسيل) is a breed of chicken and as from the name, originates from Sindh (one of four major provinces of Pakistan). Breeding is selectively done and breeders have prided in their breeds in the villages of south Tamil Nadu for centuries. 3.1K likes. Towards humans Asil are generally very tame and trusting. A good tested Mianwali rooster would usually have offspring of a similar quality.

Parrot beak. [7], Kilimookku Aseel (Parrot Beak/Nose Long Tail), The game fowl colours, Owen Dickey, privately published, Last edited on 29 September 2020, at 12:37, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Tamilnadu Aseel Organisation -TAO (AYYALUR). This variety is very rare.

There are also hen-feathered Asil knows as "Madaroo" these are found in various colours, but the cocks come with feathers in hen colour, don't have sickle feathers in the tails and miss the large hanging feathers on the saddle. Toes. Aseel Conservation. Amroha Aseels are very beautiful to look at. They are used for knife fighting.

Fan shaped Tail and Long Tail. The body type and colour classification are same as that of long-tail parrot beak Aseel. This type is standardized by the Asian Hardfeather Society in the UK and is seen at shows throughout the UK, but is quite rare. All these strains are identified by their specific colour, these colours do not necessarily correspond with the area where the birds come from. They are known to be small to medium like Mianwali. Amroha and lassani are closely related however lassani breeds have smaller necks and often closed eyes only few families of Nawab have got this breed in its pure form. Aseel wings. However, since its arrival, this breed has risen to popularity in Pakistan, currently the primary game breed used in the pits also preferred by gamblers. Their colour is usually black breasted red or black breasted dark brown (colour of dates). A successful hatch will keep the Amroha hen busy for at least six months sometimes even up till the male chicks start crowing.

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