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"I want one! ", "Only two things can break through Spawn's defenses and hurt him: Necro-magic and holy weapons forged in Heaven. Hazel noted. "Not technically. The gods looked around confused at first, and then Poseidon gasped, like he was choking. Isn't that wonder…" she trailed off when she saw a tear-stained Annabeth and Poseidon sitting on her couch. Jason said. Wiz continued. ", "I think we should watch the show." However, I'm going to set that aside so we get their reactions to learning about these characters' abilities for the first time.

The Seven groaned at the pun. She replied. He hugged Annabeth tighter. Annabeth won't ever be the same.

Piper said. Frank counted. Boomstick said. "And that wasn't even enough for you! "But hey, he saved some money on child support and divorce!" "And making the Blade of Olympus a deadly harbinger of death to even the toughest Olympians." Leo slumped on the couch. Follow/Fav The Seven Watch Death Battle. Annabeth told him. Phil frowned. "Annabeth!" My life has been as crazy as always.

Kratos easily cuts through Leetha's chains and stabs Spawn through the chest.

Leo brushed it aside. "Annabeth and…" Paul faltered and straightened. "Maybe things are just different in that world." God looks like my nana. "I agree, we should honor his last wish.". "Plus, Spawn and his suit had plenty of evil energy to feed on during the fight, since Kratos is literally covered in his past sins." Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and Hazel discover the web series Death Battle and gather to watch it. Wiz added.

"In doing so, he ultimately brought about the end of the world. He had respect for her. Annabeth crumpled and let heart-wrenching, blood-curling sobs into Percy's chest. Leo suggested. "No Percy please! Percy Jackson Dies Fanfiction. ", "No, no, I get it." "Aaahhhh, man, here comes the rage from the God of War fanboys." "We did it," he said excitedly, "It's over!". Get Percy back to us. enjoy. I wonder how I'd look with…", "Let's not find out." You kill him when she needed him most. Percy said. "This guy's durability might be more ridiculous than Kratos's!". Send to Friend.

His hand went slack.

", "You want a PARASITIC suit?"

"Death Battle is a show which pits two characters against each other, examining their abilities, arsenals, and skills to logically determine who would win in a fight. Just a week before, a giant bronze duck (probably discarded by Hephaestus) had landed and started trying to burning the camp down with its flamethrower bill.

Paul gasped and tears fell down his face. "Oh my gods…" Sobs and cries and screams let out from the crowd once people realized what was going on. "Move on. She said curtly, not really wanting to get into the subject of Luke. The Fates decided to slap the Seven and others with another problem: a death. "Of all the warriors who have entered this arena, none can compete with these two titans of death.

Piper shouted running towards her. Zeus stared at Poseidon and Poseidon stared back, glaring. Feeds Off Necroplasm or Natural Evil Energies. "Kratos, the demigod who brought down Olympus, faces Spawn, the demon-warrior who conquered Hell itself.

"Yeah, but he failed." "Either way, he should totally use that appearance more." "Don't you dare say anything." Boomstick continued. "Not really." Still not a big fan of fire." Leo couldn't resist cracking a smile, but the rest of the Seven just ignored it. Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and Hazel discover the web series Death Battle and gather to watch it. Leo exclaimed.

"No thanks." She almost thought it was Percy, the frame of the person alike. They sat down on the couch with a box of tissues. Percy asked.

", Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability. "That is some major toughness." "Ah, why the hell would he do that?"

The other demigods quickly explained how the box of DVDs had arrived and showed them the note.

Don't go to Recruit-the-Demigod Mode." "Spawn's more tactical." Share via Email Report Story Send. "After Kratos killed Ares, uhh, spoiler, he was made the God of War." They had a real relationship. I hate when I try to avoid doing something stupid and it leads to me doing something even stupider). She had finally fainted in Poseidon's arms, exhausted. "Yes, awesome, you said that already." Wiz listed. For eight months!

I will never…" he coughed and red stained his shirt. Percy examined them. "Demons always seemed to use something you care about as a trick.". ", "Two healing methods, he's apparently immune to anything not heavenly or hellish, and he can only die if he's beheaded." He is an expert in the use of nearly any firearm imaginable." Annabeth asked. Spawn lands at the foot of the stairs and barely dodges a leaping attack by Kratos. The god promised to stay for a week to make sure Annabeth got sleep and so far, he was needed. ", Poseidon just shook his head and sighed. Hypnos just shook his head and stood. She sobbed. "Looks like some sort of box." "She always did have a thing for ruffians." Ares tells Kratos. "Why doesn't he do that more often?". "It's that ridiculous healing." "You're pissing me off."

"He's stronger than Hercules?" Chiron trotted up to them. We are so close!" He said. Frank ignored him. "I'm sorry. Without the power of the gods to keep the chaos in check, the apocalypse had arrived, and its vanguard was Kratos." The heart and soul of Camp Half-Blood had been ripped away without a warning. "See?" ", "Sure, Chiron. The opening for the show was a quick shot of an arena full of bloody spikes, with the words "Death Battle" emblazoned among them. I need him! "It's the least we could do for somebody who's lost everything else. The doorman, Phil, recognized Annabeth immediately. Frank asked curiously. ", "That was amazing!" The thing that shocked her the most was how he'd ascended mortality and become a complete enigma to everyone. Don't be surprised if she doesn't become the architect of Olympus again. He then willingly sacrificed his own God powers and eventually returned to his Hellspawn form." Can you?" Kratos quickly swipes a Blade to disarm Spawn, but misses his next swing as Spawn teleports behind him, landing a blow before getting stabbed by a Blade. "Annabeth!" Also, it's worth noting that several characters featured on Death Battle (such as Kratos and Chuck Norris) have been referenced in Riordan's books and thus technically exist as characters or people in Percy Jackson's world. She was finally able to support herself but if Percy was mentioned…but Annabeth had to be there to tell Sally. (EDIT: You may have noticed me leaving out epicvictory2025's name. Jason reached her and put his hands on her shoulders. She's expecting him to come home! While Kratos hangs on the ledge, Spawn leaps up. Piper ran over to Jason and kissed him. His breathing picked up. "That weapon has a god's power in it!" I should have protected him better," she kept saying in his ear. The Seven cringe at that. All other character traits, tactics, and attributes are not removed and are attempted to be represented fairly. Leo exclaimed. "Kratos is well-trained in sword combat and possesses what may be the most powerful sword the Greek gods have to offer: the Blade of Olympus.". Annabeth said. Jason groaned upon hearing that. Aside from fire arrows. "No need to be so formal.". Her hand was clasped over her mouth, trying to stifle her sobs. Jason stepped forward towards the gods. Boomstick said. "Probably not one of Hephaestus's projects, then. Leo nodded sadly. Probably not my style." No one answered. She blushed deeply and her eyes widened. Spawn remains still for a moment before teleporting off the Blade, behind Kratos, and lifting him into the air by his head, draining his evil energy in a flash of green. Boomstick put in. This series was inspired by several other Death Battle reaction fanfics on this site (I was sad to see epicvictory2025 discontinue the original, but glad to see multiple other authors continuing with the idea). Later that day, Hazel and Frank arrived from Camp Jupiter.

"Just like Michael Jackson!" ", "He said old fool." Percy Jackson returns after what's been three months for the Camps, but nearly one hundred and sixty years for him. "I thought you gave her sleep without dreams," he demanded. rated for Gore and language. Sally had a terrible suspicion of what was going on but she denied. "They're not really hellish or holy materials.". Annabeth decided. She hasn't seen him in ten months! Then this prophecy. That sunk into everyone's hearts. She called from the front room.

What are their reactions? "My dad is Mars, not Ares." Jason slashed through the final monster and it exploded into dust. "Bob says hello," Percy said weakly, looking up at the sky.

The Ghost of Sparta whips out his Blades of Exile.

Annabeth didn't even seem to notice them. Jason raged. He said. FanFiction | unleash ... Wrong. Sally sobbed. Tears fell from his eyes. I like this guy!" Piper recognized the voice. Wiz continued. Piper told Leo, who was barely managing to hold in a laugh.

"That looks so cool!" She has been through too much for even me to get her a peaceful sleep.". Rated T just in case.

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