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And I'm jamming away on this thing and I'm realizing that my hands look like primitive claws grasping onto the bar.

CLEVELAND: Right, and so, you know, it wasn’t…We didn’t think it was going to be a huge number, but we were still a bit surprised that it was less than one percent.

That's the term.

And that's exactly the kind of situation Harold was thinking about when he asked his question. So it's been a while. (C.

Now Turkey's a nuclear power. JILL BOLTE TAYLOR: In that moment my brain chatter went totally silent. Wow!

Robert: Here's the thing. JAD: Tony says he and his grandpa were out on the beach before the sun had risen. And the early bombs allow you to do that. ELIZABETH SPELKE: And we actually got really dramatic results. Share this on Facebook (Opens in a new window), Share this on Twitter (Opens in a new window). Will they be able to form that simple thought left of the blue wall or would they be like the rats, who can’t. Sort of makes you stop and think like okay, if and when these decisions get made, how are they made? It's almost like they become the cartoon. Robert: The results are very clear. The incredible thing is, those marks stick around. JAD ABUMRAD: We actually got her into a studio.

So it's 1953, just a few years before Harold entered the military. lly do want to be thinking about how is it that we bring ourselves together, how is it that we eliminate space between us, not how is it that we insert extra space that are buffers between humanity.

JAD ABUMRAD: I mean we wouldn’t be talking to her if she had an as she started to recover she ran into something kinda interesting -- Which sounded to me  sort of like what maybe the rats and the babies go through in the white room. I'm gonna write that down. Robert: If they saw somebody who was starving as a kid in 1820, they could then see, "Well, when those people had children and grandchildren, did anything change?

JAMES SHAPIRO: He was the first to use it in print or on stage.

Oooh! SUSAN SCHALLER: But the sign for book looks like opening up a book. JAD ABUMRAD: Ann visited the school for the first time in 1990 about 10 years after it was formed.

He has the call directly to the Strategic Air Command to do the launching, and they will respond to his orders. You are what you eat. GLAESER: Well I certainly meant no disrespect for the First Lady.

KELLY: I would find that really hard to believe…. HAROLD HERING: I was not concerned about that at all. Here you’ve got a place that grows more than a billion dollars worth of food a year but, as you just heard, when transportation is cut off for a week, the produce sections at grocery stores start to empty out. ROBERT KRULWICH: What do you mean it’s language? LATIF: This was 1973, middle of the Cold War. New York Public Radio transcripts are created on a rush deadline, often by contractors. ALEX WELLERSTEIN: And they start to worry that some of these bases are not American bases, and there aren't that many Americans on them. And if you are the average consumer, and again we were always looking at the average consumer, one of the big, you know, take home messages that we tried to get out to people is that you can do more for your carbon footprint by just cutting those two things out of your diet for one day a week than you can by buying every single thing locally all the time. GLAESER: I think it’s basically benign.

Just three days after Hiroshima ...]. And it's not clear that Truman knew that two bombs were gonna be dropped so soon. And if an Air Force pilot went down ... LATIF: Harold and his team would jump into their helicopters. JAD ABUMRAD: The child leaves the rats behind.

JAD ABUMRAD: So one day she was at this college. He doesn't have to check with anybody. Or what is time without the word time? If I gave him the sign for standing up he thought I wanted him to stand up. Right after we take a break.

LATIF: This is then Vice President Dick Cheney, also a former Secretary of Defense, talking on Fox News Sunday back in 2008. And yet we’ve heard very little about, you know, how critical America’s cities are to our future. JILL BOLTE TAYLOR: It, it on the morning of the stroke. CLEVELAND: Yeah, and my thought was that somehow this economic system, people are being rewarded economically for this kind of behavior one assumes, but somehow the reward system for economic behavior is totally out of sync with the reward system for good nutrition, for community, for environment. JAMES SHAPIRO: Head to foot Now is he total gules; horridly trick'd With blood of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, Baked and impasted with the parching streets, That lend a tyrannous and damned light To their lord's murdeRobert Krulwich: This is Shakespeare. And there you’re going to, you know, you will make choices about what you’re eating. Grandpa Lemon: Oh, hey there little fella. ROBERT KRULWICH: Just imagine she's lying in her bed. That the two strongest powers are the two in the most danger of devastation.].

Definitely, definitely check it out at Tampa Robert: Here's what you're going to notice. All rights reserved. So it’s not so surprising that people have these deep emotional reactions to food. from New York Public Radio in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Radiolab is a show about curiosity. That seems strange to me. Sam: -they basically starve. ROBERT KRULWICH: And, and the other thing that she told us is that lying in that bed without words, she says she felt connected to things, to everything, in a way that she never had before. Okay? ], [BILL PERRY: With help from Tracie Hunte, Valentina Bojanini, Nigar Fatali, Phoebe Wang and Katie Ferguson.

It's absolutely a systemic problem. I got a problem! Tony says he and his grandpa were out on the beach before the sun had risen. We'll see how that goes. From pneumonia.

], [BRUCE BLAIR: Our fact-checker is Michelle Harris.]. Radiolab is produced by WNYC and distributed by NPR. So that kind of interest.

And so I couldn't, I couldn't have a conversation with him. LATIF: This is congressman Ted Lieu, and he and Senator Ed Markey are the guys who authored the bill. ROBERT: Where does the President put the nuclear part? CHARLES FERNYHOUGH: They’re still scoring fifty/fifty.

Jad: In those books you can read everything about the citizens of Överkalix, going back hundreds of years. CHARLIE: Here goes.

JAD ABUMRAD: What the experimenters did next is they took one of the four white walls and they turned it blue. It's just not gonna happen. President. It was customary in the village that we lived in to go net fishing, thrownet fishing for scads. DUBNER: So this paper that you wrote, I understand that you’ve said no matter what you do…You’re a young guy, right you’re in your early….

Visit our website. And then his partner would say, "I confirm. Syria, for chrissakes. ROBERT KRULWICH: When you drop out of the “I” ness of yourself or the story of yourself then you're left, she says at peace, I could argue that that's just stranded, that's stranded in the sunshine, with the wind in, in the now.

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