rhubarb leaves turning brown and dying

It is a decidedly northern plant, and when conditions get hot and dry it goes dormant, or at least partially so. What causes rhubarb rust spots and what can be done for rhubarb that has brown spots? Client stopped in with rhubarb leaves.

Also, if your rhubarb has brown spots, the culprit may just be a healthy growing rhubarb. The leaves/stalks are pretty small the first year or two, until the plant gets going. Select certified healthy rhubarb and plant in sunny, well-draining, fertile soil. Ive had two lilac bushes in my backyard for 2 years now and both have been thriving All summer and sent out lots of new shoots. Maybe try using filtered water because burning like that can be from chlorine. This showstopping perennial especially flourishes in the cold of fall and winter gardens, and the proof is in the pies, Learn how to identify common plant ailments by reading their leaves, Here's how to know if covering that brick is a sin or solution, Improve your soil and yard the organic way with a valuable garden booster that grows on trees, It's all over nature and the decorating world too. Rhubarb is a cool weather perennial vegetable that most people treat as a fruit, using it in sauces and pies. Now I'm thinking this is just how rhubarb behaves.

It is possible that if you have rhubarb spots on leaves, all you need to do is dig them up and divide them. That said, rhubarb is prone to spots on its leaves. It primarily stays indoors by a East facing window. The stalks grow thin and die young.

But this year I've been careful to keep them watered and I've fertilized with fish emulsion several times over the past 2-3 months.

A midsummer fertilizer application will also benefit these vigorous plants. Store in perforated polyethylene bags in the refrigerator crisper drawer for best results. What is wrong with the plant? Today the leaves of my rhubarb have brown patches, and when I pulled the stems and cut them for cooking I found the insides very red and a small - 1cm long - grey with dark head maggot crawling. Keep the area around the plants weed and debris free and remove and destroy any leaves that appear diseased. Allow new stalks to develop for eating. Upon digging the plants up, the roots and crowns are rotted. Rhubarb is a cool weather perennial vegetable that most people treat as a fruit, using it in sauces and pies. Rhubarb crown rot is caused by Phytophthora species fungi.

Stop harvesting leafstalks when the plant begins to produce slender stalks, a sign that its reserves are low. A very similar fungal disease affects azaleas. The leaves may be getting wet as we water the plants. "It is a decidedly northern plant". What recommendations do you have? What causes rhubarb rust spots and what can be done for rhubarb that has brown spots? One is fine, but the other had leaves that were turning red, and it was dying. Rhubarb can also be planted in the fall after dormancy has set in. Curly dock is an alternate host for this insect, so dock plants nearby should be removed. So when holes appear in the leaves it may cause you to worry. It's stopped putting out new leaves and what leaves it does have are turning yellow and breaking off. Yes, it needs cool moist conditions to really flourish. There are a couple of diseases common to rhubarb, which may result in spots on rhubarb leaves. Several leaf spot diseases can cause small red or brown …

Any ideas of what it is, and whether it's fatal?

Searching these forums, I found sunscald as a potential issue. Although we don't recommend chemicals for slugs and snails on rhubarb, there are … Fungicides have not been found to be effective in eliminating the problem. If the stems are soft and mushy, don�t eat them.

Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Thanks - very helpful :-) What you have is a fungal infection known as camellia leaf gall. Initially, the disease is seen as wilting leaves and large, lesions on the stems which enlarge rapidly and turn black.

Cover the crowns with no more than an inch or two of soil.

That said, rhubarb is prone to spots on its leaves. We had a couple storms the last few weeks with heavy rain and ive been gone so haven’t been out there as much. Treat the base of curculio-infested rhubarb plants with a pesticide recommended by your OSU Extension county office or on the Ohioline website at http://ohioline.osu.edu. Rhubarb requires annual applications of fertilizer for good growth and continued production.

Stalks can also be cut with a knife. If rhubarb is hit by a hard frost or freeze in late spring, it … I added a small amount of citrus fertilizer about 3 months ago.

It does have a few purpleish spots on the leaves, but they don't grow into holes or sunken lesions like I've read about leaf spot diseases on rhubarb. We were really hoping to finally get to harvest some rhubarb this year, and then it went and got sick!

Is it still safe to stop watering, or should we just cut back on it? Press the soil firmly around the roots and water well. From the third year on, rhubarb is harvested in late May and throughout June in Ohio. It is not very serious - more of a cosmetic issue than anything else - and most easily addressed by just clipping off and destroying the affected tissue, usually just the newest growth.

Leaves Often Hold the Clues, 5 Ways to Put Fall Leaves to Work in Your Garden, Fall on the Wall: Decorating With Rich Reds, Browns and Oranges, Inspired by Fall: Reds, Oranges and Browns at Home, Got Frost-Damaged Plants? I put the pot in a somewhat protected corner of the yard and covered it with a ton of leaves last fall. After the last harvest in early July, the plants should be allowed to grow until killed by frost. This is what mine looked like in June.

The garden gets full sunlight and is sheltered. Severe cold injury may cause the oxalic acid crystals in the leaves to move into the stalks, increasing the chance of poisoning. The best control is prevention, by planting purchased rhubarb crowns, rather than getting starts from a neighbor, and planting in well-drained soil. Remove one-half of the mulch before growth starts in the spring. It could also be too much sun. In order for the plant to become well established, leafstalks should NOT be harvested the first year and only a few the second year. Each plant will require approximately one square yard of space.

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