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The way the bad guy was defeated at the end was just plain dumb too. Grace Mar 28 2020 4:25 am Please do not waste even a minute on this show. Another OCN work that I will watch and enjoy. I love how strategic every mission was. The wife killing herself was just dumb. > The supporting characters and Choi Ye Won have at least the highlights in the L.A. version The other members of the Fire Ant in Webtoon (in the W version, the Fire Ants don't change their name to Argos) have no plot point except Hwang Deuk Gu and Dal Gu (these two are siblings in the session version W). First of all, it has a stellar cast. What a waste. The last forty minutes are a waste of time. . His eyeballs were gouged out, his wife and child were murdered and he is being accused of murder! I can't wait for when it comes out! This kind of storyline is overrated!! It was a cliffhanger but at the same time, I think we can sort of see what kind of ending they’ll get and how they’ll carry on living as life progresses. I can already feel the agony and stress and tension from the synopsis and OCN being its network. A serious waste of good material. Me: oh... he’s not gonna be blind. Mary May 14 2020 8:59 pm Ira Jan 24 2020 8:19 pm Dane May 03 2020 2:11 am if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined")

It's gonna be brutal!!

Overall, the L.A Rugal version is an imperfect KDrama, but at least it does improve some of the plot points (though not completely).

It's was so stupid. Array(); I'm looking forward to Det Kang Dong Cheol (Life on Mars) and Det Park Kwang Ho Duo. Hwang Deuk Gu is indeed a super villain but he still makes it impossible for him to be hated. There are better K-drama out there. The first script reading took place in October 2019 at Donga Digital Media Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim Apr 05 2020 5:27 am martin May 09 2020 1:31 pm I haven't read the hit comic so I was awaiting a great drama here since the leads n villain are good choices. Choori Apr 05 2020 10:26 am In W ver, Gi Beom only develops a relationship with Song Mi Na, which is complicated because their relationship is not simple at the level of colleagues and friends, but not too romantic; both humorous and profound. Jeongie :) Oct 12 2019 9:12 pm My awaiting movie is coming out today. LOL. The ending was so bad it's as if the writer just gave up. > Gwang Cheol L.A ver is not as smart as W ver but he has at least emotional development and closeness. rugal wasn't perfect and the storyline became weird in the last few episodes, but I didn't hate it though. Ryu Samuël May 18 2020 6:17 am DRDE May 15 2020 11:36 am But it's ok, coz I like Choi Jin Hyuk. I watched until ep 4 then i stop. Anyway isn't this like his third revenge drama already. She was not the one who killed the former chairman of Argos but it was Hwang Deuk-Gu's work. The villains are overly brutal and bloody and the heroes given their "enhancements" are totally useless against them because they are "not allowed" to do anything.

I think the story was good, interesting and included some great action scenes. Down-hearted. Same brutal killing on police officer, wife got killed by gangster. There are too many incoherence and plot holes that can't be ignored and too many cringy situations. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); but otherwise it was very fun to watch the characters’ interactions and their relationships. Not every book/comic can be adapted well into live action and Rugal stands best example.

Sometimes i was so glad whenever the villains won the game. Choi Jin-Hyuk's hair style is irritating, one eye is covered with bangs.

ppalgan May 13 2020 10:52 am The writer had great ideas but did not end well. OCN is the best when it comes to crime themed drama❤️, Rada Apr 02 2020 1:01 pm Abigail May 16 2020 9:55 am I don't hate this show. The Best going on rn ? Different kind, worse, actually... Leila Mar 17 2020 12:04 am Gnet-DeJesus Apr 21 2020 9:33 am Perhaps people who only watch the L.A version will be quite disappointed with it.

loadbox(1); Episode 3 ruins it all.

Rugal Manhwa also known as (AKA) "Updating". Krus Mar 16 2020 11:28 pm I understood why Gibeom’s wife thought she had to die but at the same time, wasn’t Gibeom’s eyes pretty good at reading people’s moves before they make them? Only one thing TO say.... DAEEEEBAK! window.W4GRB = new Object(); Deu k gu supposed to be killed by ye won alongside with mi joon i.e won should be the main master controlling mi, mi joon body shouldn't response to all weapons and injections taken into his body and he should malfunction just as the way beom did and he overcame it. Once again S. Korean police are being portrayed as stupid. heynandho Mar 29 2020 6:40 am he's been a detective in like 5 dramas. I really love their dramas! Is it the latest craze in Korea? Although Tae-Woong W ver talked and gave advice to the MC, it was still too little and blurred overall. Why are you all hating on this drama this drama is good, it gets to the point, it's not slow, it's interesting I dont know what you guys are on about. So happy for Jo Dong Hyuk, he is absolutely amazing. Kang Ki Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk) is a top-notch detective who gets targeted by the criminal organization known as 'Argos' during his attempts to take them down. Rugal (Korean: 루갈; RR: Rugal; lit. The story is probably gonna be typical just like any other crime story but the character Jin Hyuk will be playing seems to be a very promising character. . I still have fun watching this and the main characters have an interesting background stories too. Really liked the drama until the last 4 episodes where it just went downhill really quickly. hh Jan 29 2020 10:45 pm Grace Mar 15 2020 5:52 pm Plot synopsis: they cut out both of his eyeballs And for someone who didn’t want Gibeom to lose everything again, it didn’t make sense why she’d kill herself in front of Gibeom (then again, the drama has to once again show us how manipulative and twisted Deuk-Gu is.) Lili Oct 11 2019 12:51 am came back here to say this drama could possibly be CJH's best drama in a while. Hahaha. . It just ends there, nothing beyond. Overall I really love the friendship and teamwork <3 The side characters are hella cute and hilarious as well. their interactions are cute too while they work together in rugal.[1]=224650; Shooting in the head and extreme violence was pathetic. Anyway, after watching episode 1-12, it's quite good to watch. //]]>. Noside Nov 01 2019 8:56 am

LINE Webtoon, also known as Webtoon, is a platform for comic creators to post their comics. I stopped watching after few minutes. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime();

The 4 enhanced heroes don't have functioning brains? aris May 14 2020 4:41 am Choi Jin Hyuk as Yang Cha, lol... sorry, the mask got me good!

Army-Hyung Apr 14 2020 4:28 am Rugal (Korean: 루갈; RR: Rugal; lit. OCN is back at it ! Can't expecting film is coming up today, Jackson Mar 05 2020 3:41 pm > Director Choi L.A ver was too fuzzy about why he defied tricks to deal with Argos.

Love the action and sci-fi of it all. the plot sounds weird but i know ocn will never disappoint. This OnGoing webtoon was released on 2016. } Too many scenario opportunities they missed (a possible romance between Ki-Beom and Choi Ye-Won, a love triangle between Mi-Na and the two others, ....), Issasy May 23 2020 9:38 am Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection!Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser by CleanTalk. to be honest, I'm kinda disappointed about this drama i was waiting for it for so long but defiantly not want i expected, 70% talking 20% Kang Ki-Beom is alon and 10% the other team talking or walking lol the genera is defiantly action but the action in it is 10% only, the only reason i'm watching this coz im fan of the cast and the acting is good. Park Sung-Woong and Choi Jin-Hyuk in the same show? He did an amazing job blindsiding Argos and Deuk-Gu. So excited for this. Sander May 17 2020 11:11 pm Due to some ratings not recorded, the exact average rating is unknown. her acting irritated me huhu she actes so baddddd!!! I also want to know if the team ever recovered the piece from his wife’s ear. Shinubi Wang Jan 23 2020 3:31 pm I share the sentiments of the other commenters. lol May 08 2020 3:07 pm David May 17 2020 7:34 pm

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