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Lead Gameplay Designer Additional Cinematics Cast Lead Architect - Environment

Morgan Wagnon Richard Kelly Monika Holbová Daniil Kalaev Liu Qi

Chloé Germer He voices Matt Miller, the leader of the Decker gang in Saints Row: The Third; and in its sequel. Leo Marks Mike Orenich H & M Marine Services Michael Regelean © 2002-2016 TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE, INC. AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES. Pavel Šimek Krystal Hestand Alma Diaz ===================== Chris Crone

Jeremy Cuthbertson Luo Zhi Hui Zhao Yu "Con Artists: Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt", "Shelf Life: Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt Bring Action Figures to Life in Web Series", "Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal Talk About Their SHELF LIFE Web Series, Their Comic-Con Experiences, Tips on How to Succeed in Voice Acting and Much More! In the show, Superman travels to the 31st century to help superheroes battle against the Fatal Five villains. Sagan Carter Lowenthal Phoenix Luo-Webb Mia Madrova Anabela Mikšová Donnie Palmer Adela Pondikasova "Baby Qian Bi" Lukas Selinger “Baby Snajdrhons” Daniel Sobek Karolína Štempinová Veronika Štempinová Raylyn Tjan Lincoln Aloysius Urban Adam Wirth Eleanor Worch Lilian Worch Mafia 3 Team Special Thanks Akiko Arinduque Kathryn A. Arinduque 2K INTERNATIONAL MARKETING & PR TEAM Sagan Carter Lowenthal was credited on a game in 2016.

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Daniel Einzig Rachel Friesen Kyle Bellas Snappers Systems International PR Managers Ken Valente Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971) is an American actor, producer and screenwriter known chiefly for his voice-over work in cartoons, anime and video games. Production Assistant Jiří Alán Nelson Chao, Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designers There are no related websites on file for this developer. Martin Zavesky Lenka Jacková, Blažena Krutáková & Andrej Kruták Radek Hrabal Bai Xue International Social Marketing Executive Localization Project Manager Alice Johnson

In 2007, Lowenthal was cast as Jinnosuke, aka "Kuma", a teddy-bear-headed warrior, in the anime feature Afro Samurai which starred Samuel L. Jackson as the title character. Josh Buckley

Tim Lajcik Chris O’Neal Daniel Einzig Ravi Teja Sanampudi Foley Engineers Josh Lagerson, Quality Assurance Test Manager (Support Team) Vít Hýbl Matthew Foster Magan and William Flynn Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971 in Alliance, Ohio) is an American voice actor. Julio Calle Arpon Christopher Randolph Radim Pech Motion Capture Media Supervisor

Timothy Matthews Heather Simms Ralph Beerhorst

Rob Williams Donnie Palmer, Christine Palmer & Keith Palmer Lou Santini Help us build our profile of Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal! [10] Six months into their relationship, Lowenthal helped Platt do a cross-country move to Los Angeles so that Platt could participate in auditions there for new TV shows. Oleg Vasilyev Go check the others", "SCENE Presents Fantasia 2010 - Films & Schedule - Van Von Hunter", "Van Von Hunter an Official Selection at Fantasia Festival 2010", "Van Von Hunter Wins Awards at MockFest 2010", "Underground Sci-Fi Inspired Film "The Arcadian" Wraps Principal Photography", "Wil Wheaton weaves a wicked tale on new 'Titansgrave' web series", "Titansgrave BTS: Inventing Characters w/ Laura Bailey, Hank Green, Alison Haislip, & Yuri Lowenthal", "Transmedia film explores 'The Phoenix Incident, "The Phoenix Incident, Where Truth Battles Fiction", "Thank you to everyone who came out to the...", "The Phoenix Incident - Official Movie Website", "Exclusive! Tom Baker Nathan Cheever August Marino Jana Štempinová Martin Kozák Gabe Sventek Ramon Aranda

Saumik Banerjee David Devlin Jeremy Schichtel, Motion Capture Pipeline Engineer Art Director Jazmine & LaTonya Tobias

Martin Brandstätter Chuckie Shawn Lucas Yvette Fiorini Steve Lux Asher Danyi Media

Audio Implementers Nick Syrovatka Dialogue Editors Mikuláš Podprocký

Yury Fesechka, 2K INTERNATIONAL MARKETING & PR TEAM Lowenthal won an award for best character at MockFest as well. Maura Vincent Genevieve Diep Hom and Ariel T Barry Charleton (1971-03-05) March 5, 1971 (age 49) [18] For the reboots following the live-action films, the staff wanted a different portrayal of the Prince to Lowenthal's, and so recast the role. Bhairavi Kulkarni Tomas Jelinek Dorian Rehfield Yukiyo Kojima

Fumiko Okura François Bouvard Lead Animator World Designers James Schindler Elaine Clark Jonathan Rebar Jolie Menzel

Alvarez Matt Montuya Lincoln Clay Alice Johnson He voiced and provided the motion-capture performance for Spider-Man/Peter Parker in Sony's Spider-Man (2018) for the PS4. Xin De Hua

Eric Parsons Eliza Decroce-Movson Programming Chris Jennings Taras Ponomarenko

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