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A criptografia de ponta a ponta do SKY ECC protege completamente a mensagem para que apenas o remetente e o destinatário possam ter acesso a ela. SKY ECC messaging platform. Social media giants who make money from your data can’t be trusted to create a secure messaging solution that respects your privacy.

O gerenciamento de dispositivos móveis fornece a flexibilidade para estabelecer políticas para garantir a máxima segurança.

The very nature of attorney-client privilege is built on law firm data security….

SKY ECC is installed on devices with tamper resistant chips which become part of our encrypted phone ecosystem.

As chaves de criptografia SKY ECC são criadas e permanecem no seu dispositivo. Terceiros, como o crime organizado, concorrentes empresariais e governos, tomam medidas de grande alcance para acessar dados privados. SKY ECC is only installed on devices that cannot be hacked, with tamper resistant chips and our most stringent security standards.

Not ever. Proteja notas, imagens e bate-papos com camadas adicionais de senhas e criptografia. From ransomware to espionage, universities are massive targets for all kinds of bad actors.

Mensagens Criptografadas de Ponta a Ponta A criptografia de ponta a ponta do SKY ECC protege completamente a mensagem para que apenas o remetente e o destinatário possam ter acesso a ela. We protect the device, the application, and the connection before you even enter your password.

Sadly, protecting sources is….

SKY ECC takes private messaging to the next level with better-than-enterprise-grade encryption, brute-force protection, and secure devices running on a protected global network. Everyone in the legal industry, regardless of their position, has access to information which must remain secure. You have to go to the next level. We encrypt your messages and metadata providing the most private messaging solution available. We only use devices with hardware security to protect users from tampering attacks. O SKY ECC é uma plataforma de mensagens empresariais seguras com criptografia ponta a ponta de alto nível executada em uma rede privada e segura. Our private global network of distributed servers ensures SKY ECC works wherever you are.

We can’t read or store your messages. Period. SKY ECC is the most secure messaging platform you can buy.

The most secure messaging platform you can buy.

Ninguém mais tem as chaves – nem mesmo nós. Proteção extra para seus dados e informações confidenciais, se os dispositivos forem perdidos ou roubados.

Protecting your source is one of the most fundamental parts of being a journalist. Adquira o aparelho conosco, ou utilize o seu próprio.

Your messages are private, secure, and encrypted. Always on. Our private global network of servers means SKY ECC works wherever you are. The entire SKY ECC platform is built to do one thing—protect your messages and your privacy.

We only use devices with hardware security to protect users from tampering attacks and to protect your privacy, always. Shop Now Renew License Now Become A Reseller.

Colleges and universities are increasingly under attack from state-sponsored and independent hackers.

(após expiração será necessário renovar a licença).

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