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Lambe, Wes Sobell, Stefan MacCubbin Guitars Micheletti Guitars

Arnold, John Stotzel Guitars Bouzouki scale:   25.5″ (650 mm), How I almost accidentally came to build my first octave mandolin is described. But the octave mandolins with their resonant sound and shorter scale were different.

Ten string and twelve string versions are known as citterns. Conley Rockbridge Ameritage Cases Hoffman Henriksen, Inc. Carruth, Alan Rivero

This is a top specification instrument, with its amber coloured figured Sitka soundboard and best aged African Blackwood back and sides. Osthoff, John Lucas, A.J., Guitars Weber

Brown, EddieLee Stromberg

Gibson Mendel, Joe Radial Engineering Dumble D'Aquisto, James L. Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. Melville

Colorado Case Covers Kerman, Arik

Standard scale:   23″ (585 mm) Paul Reed Smith

Kopp, Kevin Laskin, Grit Borges Anderson, R.M. Petros Guitars Stewart, S. S. Banjos Lospennato Traphagen, Dake Burguet Rubio, G.V. Forster, NK Caseadillo Case Covers N.B. My list price for a guitar-bouzouki or guitar-cittern built with figured Sitka and African Blackwood and including Highlander pickup and Artist line Hiscox case is £9790. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." I am prepared to ship worldwide.

I have a brand new left-handed guitar-cittern for sale.

This beautiful Octave Mandolin features a 22.875" Scale and 4 courses. Personal checks are accepted for purchases within the UK, but require a period of up to 7 days to clear my bank.

Anderson Guitars Kostal, Jason Length: 27.2”

Bourgeois Bernabe, Paulino Paldacci Guitars Ome

Traugott, Jeff


Weber It is in very good condition. Jacobson, Paul Galloup Studios Contreras II, Manuel How

07932 653 633     Home. Lucas, Randy I built my first ten string cittern for Tom Gilfellon (of the High Level Ranters) despite considerable misgivings, but it worked well and was taken up by Brian McNeil of the Battle field Band and many more Glasgow musicians. Gropp, Armin Acoustic Image Keller, Michael Sobell Mandolin for Sale ~ £3,000! Marchione Wechter, Abe Donal Clancy used this guitar on his album On the Lonesome Plain. V. Da y Sobrinos De Domingo Estesto

Trinity Guitars Fraulini Tezanos-Perez, S. S. Pedregosa, Jose Ruiz Rein, Thomas Mayes 1980 Sobell Large Body Mandolin Indian/Red Cedar, 3 Day Trial on All In-Stock Instruments Anywhere in the US. Ebata

Baranik Gonzalez, Juan Miguel Reunion Blues Fredell, Gustav Fingerboard Ebony Monrad, Eric Bozung (CB Guitars) Huerga Fernandez, Jeronimo Pena Caton, Kevin Wingert, Kathy It was these musicians who travelled with their citterns and introduced them to audiences all over the world. Fox, Charles Doc's Banjos Guidry, Sam

Wingert, Kathy Santa Cruz I will post information as and when I am building them again. Rubio Guitars Mönch, Edgar Bailey Guitars Osthoff, John LaPlante, David Wilborn Guitars Tonewood for sale. Apart from three tiny dings on the soundboard, just to the left of the bridge, & slight wear on the edges of the tuners, this instrument is in almost mint condition. American Archtop, Dale Unger

Renaissance (Rick Turner)

Solomon Bozung (CB Guitars) Dream Guitars sells & reviews some of the world's best mandolins by your favorite makers, presented in an honorable fashion with expertise & guidance. EVD (Edward Victor Dick) Carvalho, Samuel It is strung to tune GDAE or similar.

Chasson Welker Marchione Myka Bown, Ralph Novax Fibenare Guitars Gropp, Armin With that in mind it does not need to be driven hard to achieve a perfectly balanced sound when used either on stage or in an unplugged situation. Lavoie, Benoît Kraut, Raymond They excel at Celtic music and this one plays great and is in lovely condition.

AER Amplifiers Ryan, Kevin As a result, we cannot show you the price until the item is in your cart. Robbins Guitars Eko American Archtop, Dale Unger Ramsey Retrograde Guitars Muiderman, Kevin Carruth, Alan …… any potential buyer must note, blankets not included ! It is mostly used for mandolin orchestras as an alternative for mandolas, and it can be used in playing traditional Irish music.

What are some high-end mandolin brands? Elliott Brown, EddieLee

Leach, Harvey Zion

National Reso-phonic Please follow this link to view some detailed photographs. Merrill, Jim Langejans, Del Sobell Mandolin for Sale ~ £3,000! Tezanos-Perez, S. S. Everett Åstrand Guitars McIntyre Pickups

Ribbecke Guitars

Rickenbacker Lowden DT Guitars Webber Guitars Lehmann & Cole

Van Linge

Eggle McKnight It was sometimes described as ‘being suitable for Celtic music’, which I disagreed with; I felt, and feel, it was suitable for many kinds of music. Traugott, Jeff Delgado, Tomas This guitar-cittern sounds excellent both acoustically and amplified; full and well balanced. Bear, G.R. Sanzone Guitar & Mandolin Co. Kinnaird, John Shelton-Farretta Maingard, Marc Tuners: Gotoh Gold Minis

Novax soloway

Dominelli, Marcus Kronbauer Conde Hermanos Holcomb, C.F.

Doc's Banjos Ryan, Kevin

Kohno This particular mando is on the album "First Flight" by Gerald Trimble. It is mostly used for mandolin orchestras as an alternative for mandolas, and it can be used in playing traditional Irish music. Pinkham, Ron Woodsound Studios Andersen, Steven Blues Creek Halland Guitars

Ovation Hoffee Case Palen Guitars Re: Sobell mandolin for sale Years ago, like 30 years ago, a friend ordered a mandolin from S. Sobell, and I was there when it arrived. Delgado, Tomas Stefan Sobell is not currently making any mandolin family instruments due to his large backlog of guitar orders.

Payment can be made via wire transfer, PayPal or Bank Check. Solomon Ching, Douglas Muth, R. S. Veillette, Joe

Palen Guitars Gretsch

Leho Ukuleles

Baggs pickup system and it is in like-new condition, just perfect. Rubio Guitars Hill, Kenny Smith, C.B.

They are not Bluegrass mandolins, they don’t have the throaty chop that suits Bluegrass so well; they have a smoother sound, clear and full with  musical bass and treble, good volume, and just the right amount of sustain.

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