strava not recording distance

One of your competitors allows you to modify the route post ride, ie manually drag the "straight line bad data" portion to fit the road. We both have iphones.....any ideas why there is always a difference in mileage? Most of me doesn't care, but would love more accurate data.

In many cases it will help to give your device a minute or two to fully acquire a signal before beginning your ride or run; and doing so outside, rather than inside while you get ready, will be beneficial. Installed Strava and a GPX Route Tracker. Bad GPS data can result in your activities on Strava having missing or extra distance recorded; segments not matched at all or recorded inaccurately; inaccurate elevation data; inaccurate achievements such as estimated best efforts; and more. Noticed Strava not recording speed and distance. This would be a great feature to have for when GPS is bad or, as it quite common, you forgot to restart the GPS after stopping and only realise 3 miles down the road!!! If it goes bad again, I'll repost. Highlighted. This was a very useful post as it helps to educate and opens up the wonderful sophistication of Strava that we appreciate very much. If it was just a bad data thing you have thought the regular half k alerts would have been affected? It was very strange and annoying. Strava GPS trace in China apparently does not account for China GPS offset problem, a well documented issue with GPS in China. More information on how this feature works can be found. Is there a way to remove the one faulty segment run without cropping the ride into 2 parts and cutting the bad segment run out.

While Strava does our best to optimize our data analysis by ignoring the most obviously inaccurate data, in the end, we can only make the most out of the data provided to us from the GPS device. For people having problems with iPhone GPS data, I honestly think it is the iPhone and not the app. Unfortunately, when, for whatever reason, a portion of your activity isn't recorded by GPS it is not possible for us to 'fill in' the missing data or 'correct' the bad data. - please create a support ticket. In some cities it might also help if the map data were leveraged alongside the GPS data. If you have any questions, please feel free to create a support ticket - and thanks for understanding. Do your best to avoid environments that are always going to be problematic for a GPS signal such as canyons whether natural or man-made (think a city street lined by tall buildings); dense trees, etc. Today we did shuttle runs of a mountain bike downhill track that is next to the road. We cannot adjust your time on a segment, however. Why doesn't my segment effort appear on the leaderboard? The iPhones typically record longer distances, higher cumulative elevation gain, etc. There are many factors that contribute to the accuracy of your GPS data - and it's important to keep in mind that no data is perfect; in fact, there is some degree of error inherent in any GPS recording. MBT_Al. As for specific devices; the device manufacturer will always have the most up-to-date and relevant information, but we have some suggestions for. Your device may have simply lost a connection to GPS satellites and did not record any data. If you make the assumption that people aren't running on the roofs of buildings (generally safe) there could be a "lock to street grid" mode which could correct some of the issues. iPhone is notoriously bad at recording GPS. Here is some more information on. Not sure why. Today and yesterday, on two routes I've run dozens of times with great accuracy, suddenly four and a half miles has become 26 at an average pace of 00:01:29/mile! I use an i-phone 4s which is generally pretty good. I ran a half-marathon today using my Garmin, but the distance recorded was 20.7 km and so it does not qualify in my records. Keep in mind, however, that this not the best place to request support - for that please create a support ticket. I'm interested in making sure these are as helpful and informative as possible - so if you have any thoughts please feel free to comment. The best way for you to get rapid and personal support is still to create a support ticket - so in light of that I'm going to close this thread for comments. Set both working for a MBT bike ride. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more! Because the speed at which the signal travels is known, the amount of time the signal is in transit allows your device to calculate the distance to each satellite. My runs, too, are indicating I'm running twice as far as I actually ran and at a speed that would put me on a better than world record pace! I'm using the iPhone app and haven't had a problem until my last 2 activities. Here is more information on, You can, in some cases, you can correct the elevation data calculated for your activity. I had a problem of loss of distance today. I encourage others to try this as well. As previously mentioned, different devices do simply have different qualities of GPS hardware, so although there are some tips and tricks that are device-specific, there are also some key practices that can help improve your GPS data quality regardless of what device you're using. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Highlight; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎18-03-2019 09:08 PM. Galaxy Watch Strava not recording speed and distance. Consequently, environmental factors such as dense trees, steep hillsides, tall buildings, or even heavy cloud cover can impact or even interrupt the travel of the GPS signal between your device and the satellites.

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