tusk terrabite vs quadboss qbt846

The first number measures the tire height, the second one measures the tire width, and the third one measures the wheel diameter. contact: www.quadboss.com, [email protected], PRICE: $144.95–$189.95; 30x10R14, $176.95, UTV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS LIVESTREAM STARTS FRIDAY, YAMAHA IS TEASING A NEW MACHINE; HERE’S HOW TO LEARN ABOUT IT FIRST, LARGER FUEL TANK FOR YOUR POLARIS RZR & YAMAHA YXZ, Can-Am’s 14 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas. As I said above, these tires aren’t super thick, something that is beneficial performance-wise, but it’s also going to significantly stiffen up your ride.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The Terrabite very much looks the part of a high-end off-road tire, but it manages to do so at a very attractive price point. They are pretty thick which will really improve your UTVs ride quality, but they aren’t super wide though, which affects grip. They are also a heck of a tire for hard cornering. The tires offer radial construction with an eight-ply rating and stepped lugs for a long life of grabbing traction. Also, another big pro of this tire is the fact that it’s not going to affect the ride quality of your UTV. Prices range greatly depending on size, but we’ve seen the Terrabite sell for as little as $99 and up to about $170 for the larger 32-inch tires. These are pretty costly on Amazon, but from what I have heard they can be much at much cheaper prices on local stores. (The Answer Might Surprise You! The truck style tread pattern and premium rubber compound provides excellent multi-surface performance and high mileage wear.

Among the other benefits of these tires is that they are much more affordable than most of the competition. Initially offered in just three sizes, the Terrabite family has been expanded quite a bit and now offers a huge variety of options from 25 to 32 inches that fit on 12, 14 and 15-inch wheels – pretty much any size you’d need for a Utility ATV or any UTV. Expect this tire to grip the road very well, especially around corners. I personally bought these tires for my RZR about a year and a half ago because one of my friends recommended that I try the brand after he used them in one of his UTVs. We put together this list of … Like the Terrabite, the Regular is a DOT-approved tire with 8-ply radial construction. Then we headed to Tombstone for some super-hard Arizona hardpack with loose sand on top. Anyone who rides on intermediate to hard terrain, especially in a state that allows street licensing of UTVs, will appreciate the performance, handling and long life of the QBT846. We ordered four 30x10R14 QBT846 tires for our XP 1000 or XP Turbo but decided to put them on our General 1000 Ride Command Edition instead because the 30x10R14s measured at 28 inches in diameter when we mounted them on GMZ Casino wheels. While we don’t recommend driving on paved surfaces, that is legal in a number of places and having a tire that is road legal is important to a lot of people. The large, siped, 3/4-inch lugs and aggressive wraparound sidewall tread are designed for optimal performance on intermediate to hard terrain, and built-in rim guards protect the wheels. Not only did I use these tires on hard asphalt, but I also used them on my lawn without any traction issues.

What Is The Top Speed Of The Honda TRX? This is another 8-ply radial tire, though the profile is quite a bit different. Tusk Terrabite tires have proven popular with their attractive price, beefy construction, and versatility as a replacement for stock ATV and UTV tires. A number of owners were also pleased that these tires are DOT rated. First released in 2012, These tires from GBC Motorsports are perfect for folks looking for a nice balance between performance and comfort. QuadBoss must really like treads that wrap well onto the sidewall of the tire because the 447’s carry this same feature. Many people shy from these kinds of tires because they believe that they are going to make their Side by side much stiffer, but this is not the case with these ones. ... Tusk TERRABITE Heavy-Duty 8-Ply DOT Radial UTV/ATV Tires – Pretty Much Indestructible. That adds some weight, but it should mean the tire will hold up to the abuse that Sport UTV owners are likely to dish out. A lot of off-road tires are downright unpleasant to take on the road due to excessive noise and vibration. Among all the tires of this list, this is the one that is going to last you the longest. They also tend to feature more resistant rubber that will withstand the wear and tear of public roads. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. In recent years, UTVs have taken the offroading world by storm. The Tusk Terrabite is also a DOT-rated tire and features radial construction. I hope you find my website useful! Here’s The Confirmed Top Speed! We then headed to Moab’s Rally on the Rocks and first tested them on the Seven-Mile Rim trail in the rain. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. Having to replace them with a fresh set is inevitable, so you might as well learn how to get the most bang-for-your-buck performance. my name is Kevin and I’m a big ATV and offroading enthusiast! These will definitely reduce your UTVs performance, something that you will definitely notice if you use a sport UTV. They do a great job of gripping the road, their thickness improves ride quality at higher speeds, and they aren’t super costly, unlike many other UTV tires on the market. Just don’t expect your UTV to feel like a cloud when you start using these. This is good for ride quality, but I often felt like they didn’t grip the road as well as the other tires on this list.

However, one of this tire’s cons is the fact that they can be pretty expensive.

The sidewall of these tires is specifically made for hard cornering, which is a perfect match for sport UTVs like a RZR or a Yamaha Wolverine. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts ... Bought - Speed Werx Spring, AC Short Windscreen, AC Kick Panel Bags, AC Under Hood Storage, Tusk Shoulder Bag, 3500 Super Winch, 30" LED Light Bar, 27x9 OG Bighorns, Green LED Interior Lights, 1.5" Spacers In Front, 2" In Rear, Save Share. This number can be found on the outside of the wheel itself.

The rubber seems to be very resilient and thick, which is perfect for someone like me who likes accelerating hard on a straight line. After the first 100 miles, the lugs showed zero wear. However, the Regulator is a good bit more expensive with prices starting at $185 per tire and going up significantly from there. They tend to have more conventional treading similar to car rubber, which improves handling on public roads. I made this website with the intention of providing ATV guides, tips and tricks, and trail information. On-road tires are very similar to offroading ones, the differences are very minimal. The Quadboss QBT846 utility radial comes in sizes 27x9R14, 27x11R14, 28x10R14, 30x10R14, 30x10R15 and 32x10R15, and it has an off-road-truck-style tread pattern. Quadboss QBT846 27x9R-14 8-Ply. One reviewer claimed he’s gotten four times more life out of the Terrabite than he did with his stock tires. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Another says he has 5000 miles on his so far with no signs of slowing down. All of these things have improved the popularity of these machines, both among offroading enthusiasts but also among the general public as well. Another complained of getting two flat tires in the first 100 miles of use, but we couldn’t find any other reviewers who had a similar issue. What Is The Top Speed & 0-60 Time Of The Polaris Slingshot?

), Great All Around Tire For Use In All Kinds Of Terrain, Solid Build Quality Will Stand A Lot Of Wear and Tear, A Little Bit More Expensive Than I Would Like, Excellent For Whose Looking For Performance On Pavement, This Tire Will Negatively Affect Your UTV’s Ride Quality, Versatile Enough To Be Used On All Kinds Of Terrains. That’s great value for a versatile and durable 8-ply tire. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These tires have very thick of sidewall, which is one of the factors that most affects the ride comfort of UTVs.

Combine this with 6 ply construction and you won’t have any issues with comfort when riding. If you are like me and love drag racing with your friends, then these are probably one of the best choices out there. When trying to figure out how a set of tires is going to work for you, a great place to look is user reviews. — The best all-terrain tires with prices, sizes, info & photos — Second only to gasoline, tires are the biggest consumable product on your UTV.

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